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To celebrate Fateful Fashion's 5th Anniversary, I wanted to collaborate with other Adelaide creatives in Fashion, to reflect back on their own journeys and setting future predictions/intentions for the next 5 years. I have been fortunate enough to interview Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian, who has...

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I recently caught up with designers Paul & Georgina Tsiavlis who are behind up and coming fashion brand GEORGY COLLECTION. Not only was I lucky enough to talk all things fashion, I also got a sneak peak of their collection, which is due to be launching...

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I’ve teamed up with luxury British Brand Kurtis Paul, specialising in beautifully crafted men’s bags and accessories. Kurtis Paul aim to bring high quality products to the masses and target a demographic they refer to as ‘The Modern Gentleman’. Launching in 2015 with their leather collection, since...

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B & W Ruthie Davis photo


When we got the 'Yes, she'll do the interview' we almost fell over! There's nothing more heart warming then having a designer go out of their way to help you with your dreams. Interviewing the fabulous Ruthie Davis is definitely a milestone in our 'blogging' career...

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Faces Of

We joined forces with our lovely photographer Morgan Sette to get some photos of us purely for this blog and because who doesn't love a photoshoot? All Photo credit goes to Morgan Sette, taken in Ebeneezer Place, Adelaide. ...

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Fateful Fashion Fotoshoot

Not too long ago, Alexis and I both did took some professional photos of outfits of our choice to showcase. I got my good friend Morgan to take mine (because she is better behind the camera than I am, and better in front of it too),...

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JJ Threads shirts


We got approached by J.J. Threads a little while ago  who are a unique Men's store based in New York who focus purely on tailor made fashion. They are an innovating shirting company on the boarder of fashion and technology, creating shirts that are made for...

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Late last year we got the chance to catch up with Adelaide Designer Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian, you may have seen some of his masterpieces on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes and most recently the Academy Awards, as well as on the...

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Attention all fashion loving males and those women who adore men's clothing.  Introducing our new feature on 'Bonobos' New York style for Spring. Think of Chuck Bass and Scott, sorry Lord Disick and any man with style, when thinking Bonobos.  A New York brand specializing in...

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The peak of any outfit

The hat was once an accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without, not only did it apply the finishing touch to your outfit but it provided shelter through winter and summer protecting you from the weather. For more on how to wear the hat as an...

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It’s too cold for this

  Today, my beautiful friend Morgan Sette helped with taking some photos for us and ultimately you! The saying rain, hail or snow clearly applied today Ah, the things we do for fashion! Winter is the best time to experiment with your personal style, for me, I do just...

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Black & White

Who doesn't love a good black & white combo - it's one of our favorite couples, they fit so perfectly together. That's why in this shoot we decided to keep the photos black and white, because we love the classics! A few snippets from a shoot we did...

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One stop makeover

I took my cousin Zac shopping for a quick wardrobe update, like most guys he didn't want to spend much and I knew it would have to be a short shopping trip otherwise I would bore him to death. We went to Zara, and he bought...

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The Lilah

This afternoon we took little Lilah - four years old (not so little I suppose, and she acts like a 12 year old) shopping.  We headed to Burnside and went straight to Zara and never left. Each outfit came to about 70 odd dollars, some a...

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All rugged up!

Now, it may not seem like it today, but for us Aussie's winter is just around the corner, and a huge thanks to these two beauties for helping me model some easy winter looks. I've mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love winter, and fashion...

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Introducing Chelsea Hall

This beautiful girl here is my cousin, she has wanted to be a model for as long as I can recall, doing her first Modelling course at the age of 6. Not only has she grown up, but so has her passion for the modelling industry...

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White.  A simplistic trend, everyone can make their own. Fresh, versatile and accessible, we just can't get enough! White on white is one way to make a stand, it's understated yet bold and seeing from the looks below, can be changed to suit everyone's personality. Most people...

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photo (2)


Interviewing up & coming designer label 'Ashlee Graham' via new fashion blog 'Fashion Global' by Frances Smith! Hi Ashlee, first of all, it’s nice to ‘cyberly’ meet you, I’ve been admiring your Graduate Parade collection, the hand textured garments – did you do that yourself? The Copper?...

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tanoukk copy


Meet Nikeisha, leading designer of TANOUK - originally from Adelaide she is in the midst of relocating to Perth as well as expanding her brand, we were lucky enough to get to know her process of design and where her inspiration comes from. So far...

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Audrey-esque photoshoot

with Photographer: Morgan Sette Stylist: Georgia Hall Model: Georgia Hall The 'Hat', a classic broad brimmed black hat always adds class to any outfit, this style of head-wear is suited for mostly those woolly winter seasons. Hat worn with striped long-sleeved shirt, skirt and stockings. Hat: Sportsgirl Top: Ladakah Skirt: Cotton...

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Adelaide Magazine

This year I (Georgia Hall) was fortunate enough to be 'Assistant Stylist' for the December Summer Swimwear issue of the Adelaide Magazine. I worked with Stylist: Kate Bowden Photographer: Jody Pachniuk Makeup & Hair artist: Dale Dorning Models: Isabella Loxton & Sophie Loxton Magazine available now....

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ARTICLE: 3 Qs for Georgia Hall

Check out our first featured article on http://notsonaked.blogspot.com/ Thanks to Chanelle Leslie, and while you're there you may as well have a snoop around her blog - it's to die for, she's pretty amazing! Article here: 3 questions for Georgia Hall I wanted to throw the spotlight on a few...

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