All rugged up!

Now, it may not seem like it today, but for us Aussie’s winter is just around the corner, and a huge thanks to these two beauties for helping me model some easy winter looks.

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love winter, and fashion is one of the major reasons why.

Firstly, how cute do they look?
Ella and Alana Glapa, showing off their cousingly bond!

If you’re like me and think as soon as the season changes, so should your wardrobe, well it doesn’t have to.  Yes it’s healthy now and then to update your wardrobe for whatever reason that may be, but if you are on a budget or don’t have any room left in your closet then it’s important to make use of what you already have!

In the first look, Ella left is wearing a simple maroon cardigan, grey staple tee, black jeans, black boots, grey beanie and a patterned scarf, it may seem like a lot of items but i’m pretty sure everyone would have a pair of jeans, a t shirt and a cardigan they can team together.  Now if that’s too boring for you, that’s where scarves and beanies come in!

They showcase any outfit, and they can be really, really cheap! In fact the beanie Ella is wearing I got free in a magazine! Alana is wearing similar, grey staple tee, this time maroon jeans and scarf, again with black boots and a patterned beanie.

So this winter people, get around scarves and beanies, and other wintry accessories  they will save you a fortune and can serve for multiple purposes, i.e. bad hair days + beanie = problem solved!

All-rugged-up-2 All-rugged-up-3

In the second look, I chose to feature jumpers!
Who doesn’t love a good winter jumper, and the ones the girls are wearing are some of my fav!
Alana, wearing white jumper and beanie, the look is so effortless yet is so flattering, the white against her skin tone and hair goes so well, and Ella, in the red and stripe again works for her, and it can work for you too!

I love whites in winter, and I also love incorporating colors, to contrast the weather.  Most people usually only wear jumpers during the day, where they can be dressed up too for going out! whether it’s with some leggings, heels or jeans and heels, this winter – invest in jumpers! you can’t go wrong, or go through the jumpers you already have, you may be pleasantly surprised with your findings.
I have a huge collection of jumpers and I swear by them, when you’re stuggling with what to wear, chuck on a jumper and your outfit is set!

All-rugged-up-6 All-rugged-up-7 All-rugged-up-8 All-rugged-up-9

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, as much as we did taking them, and have got some inspiration for winter!
Stay warm, stay stylish

Xo Fateful Fashion


Alana Glapa
Ella Glapa
Georgia Hall
Georgia Rees

A huge thank you to everyone involved! if you would like to be involved whether behind the camera or in front of
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Introducing Chelsea Hall

This beautiful girl here is my cousin, she has wanted to be a model for as long as I can recall, doing her first Modelling course at the age of 6.


Not only has she grown up, but so has her passion for the modelling industry and fashion, this post is dedicated to her, to show her off to the world!

Chelsea has a big heart and big dreams, and I am so unconditionally proud of how far she has come, she really has grown in to a beautiful young lady.

She describes her fashion style as comfortable, fashionable and likes finding clothes that suit her body shape, with her Fashion Icon as Lauren Conrad, she is  inspired by her style and loves keeping up to date and experimenting with trends.


Not only is she a stunner, but she is funny, silly and loves to play dress ups!

At the age of 17, almost 18 she is in her final year of high school, loves horse riding, shopping and hanging out with her friends.


Keep an eye out for Chelsea in the modelling world, who knows where she could end up!


Talia’s makeup tutorial – Dramatic Fall Smokey Eye

For all of you out there that haven’t come across this brave, beautiful girl, you’re missing out.

Talia not only has an amazing fighting spirit, but she is an incredibly talented Makeup Artist.

We chose this video to share with you, because it really showcases her talents and will give you some ideas on doing your makeup.

We don’t experiment with makeup enough, and to those of you that have, you would know how much fun it is!

So take 5 minutes out of your day to watch this video, not only will you be supporting Talia but you will be expanding your knowledge on makeup appliance.

To those of you who aren’t into it that much, this might change your mind.

Enjoy dolls



White.  A simplistic trend, everyone can make their own. Fresh, versatile and accessible, we just can’t get enough!

White on white is one way to make a stand, it’s understated yet bold and seeing from the looks below, can be changed to suit everyone’s personality.

Most people look at white as being a ‘safe’ option, however it is now taking the ‘matchy-matchy’ look to a sophisticated new level.

Check  out full post and other up-coming trends on our ‘trend forcast’ page!

Xo Fateful Fashion



Interviewing up & coming designer label ‘Ashlee Graham’ via new fashion blog ‘Fashion Global’ by Frances Smith!


Hi Ashlee, first of all, it’s nice to ‘cyberly’ meet you, I’ve been admiring your Graduate Parade collection, the hand textured garments – did you do that yourself?

The Copper? I did it – It was all hand moulded.

It’s really an amazing talent you have, and we’re extremely excited to feature you on Fashion Global and FatefulFashion.

Aww thanks!!

So, a bit about yourself, what got you in to fashion, and designing in particular?

Photographed by Jackie Tran, hair and make up Kelle Kim and Model Matilda Gordon

I’ve always been into fashion, as long as I can remember. I started a stall at Gilles St Markets in Adelaide about 5 years ago with one of my closest friends Rach, mostly vintage and up-cycled pieces but that pretty quickly led to designing

How old were you when you first started pursuing?

I was 20 when we started at Gilles st

Did you study?

 Sure did! I knew if I was going to really make it as a designer I needed to know more about construction and the fashion industry. It took 3 years and now I have an advanced diploma of fashion design

What made you decide on using your name for your brand?

It’s the same reason I love fashion and don’t have a tattoo, every day I love something new! I must admit though I’m still not used to seeing my name on clothes and in stores 🙂

Where you are at right now with your business?

I graduated last November so the business is only 6 months old, were still in beginning stages but ive just had to hire another seamstress to keep up with demand so it is all going really well.

What has been the biggest highlight or most enjoyable aspect so far?

Being a part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival last year!! Seeing my designs strutting down a runway was beyond amazing! Also earlier this year I was the only SA finalist in the QANTAS Spirit of Youth Awards I was quite overwhelmed.

What’s the next step for you? Where do you ideally want to take this?

I am currently designing the winter collection for next year, and about to go into production for the next summer range. I’d like to go global!

What is one thing that you didn’t expect to happen once starting out in this industry?

The response I’ve had in general has been unexpected, I get models and photographers emailing all the time wanting to work together. And a lot of the clothes get pre ordered so they are sold before they even have a chance to hit the shelves.

What you love most about it all, designing/sewing etc

I obviously love designing, trend research and sourcing fabric. Patternmaking is my favourite part though. It’s almost meditative for me, figuring out how to take a sketch and turn it into a pattern that would make a garment, it’s a great process.   

Are there any other areas you would like to branch out in, either in Fashion or something completely different?

Accessories and children’s wear 🙂

Where can we find you, I know you have your Facebook page, do you sell your clothes on-line as well?

The online store is currently still in development, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, but in the meantime there’s a great new boutique on Glen Osmond road called If You’re A Bird and they stock the whole range.

You’re a huge inspiration to many up and coming designers – what’s a piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in fashion?

Thanks, I think I’m still up and coming. Someone give me advice! 🙂 No but seriously make the most of every opportunity and be prepared to work hard

and lastly, what’s one thing you’ve learnt that has really helped guide you?

It’s not so much what I’ve learnt, but what I didn’t know I needed. I have an amazing support network around me, my family and friends have helped me a lot! For example my best friends help on photo shoots and send amazing words of encouragement in times of doubt, my mum helps with babysitting at the drop of a hat, and of course my partner puts up with 4 am bedtimes and me at my most stressed. Plus everything else they do, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of them!! 

Thank you so much for your time, we’ll be in contact when it’s published, is there any chance you could send through some images that you would like to include in your interview?

Thanks so much Ashlee – really appreciate all of this!

You can check out her entire label on her Facebook page!


Chunky Beads



Change your day and brighten up your outfit with bold accessories, check out the latest post on our look-book page on how to bring accessories in to your every day attire, and how they can help with avoiding ‘outfit – repeating’