I saw this cape online on Forever New and I couldn;t resist.  I eyed it off for a solid week before purchasing, just to make sure it was something I would get use of, instead of it becoming a novelty piece that would only come out once a year – if that. In that week debating whether or not I should purchase it, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the times I could wear it.  Obviously it was a winner.

I’ve already got a fair bit of use out of it, I’ve found it goes with just about everything, so expect to see many posts showing off my new favourite winter staple.  As you can tell I had a lot of fun taking these photos, it made me feel like I was walking the streets of France all I needed was a beret.

To anyone out there looking for a winter coat – try the cape, you won’t regret it!







Cape: Forever New
Top: Love Affair
Pants: Zara
Boots: Windsor Smith


This May we are introducing India Style Blogger Shalini Chopra of blog Stylish by Nature, a fashion, style & beauty blogger from Bangalore in India.

Shalini buys in luxury boutiques and casual stores bringing to you beautiful and trendy styles to other like-minded people who have fashion running through their veins.  Shalini brings you all types of lifestyle, street style, vintage, designer couture, affordable fashion and even product reviews.  Everything and anything useful to your image with plans to expand more on fashion, fitness, fun, friends and flavors of life which in India is very flavoursome.

Bangalore (aka Bengaluru) is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state, the centre of India’s high-tech industry, known for it’s greenery, architecture and of course culture, our travel bucket list just keeps growing.
I chatted to Shalini to find out a bit more about the fashion community and India.  Check out the interview below.

Describe the blogging community in India?
Blogging in India is growing at a rapid pace, however, professional blogging in India is still not considered a full-time job.
I’ve been a professional blogger for the last 4 years, and probably more than 1000 times people have asked me what I do for a living!
When I respond that I’m a blogger, I can see the confused faces asking “What is blogging ??”

How would you describe StylishbyNature and your style? is Indian fashion blog, street style and beauty blog for all like-minded people who believe that style runs in their blood and is as important as breathing. Here you will find lifestyle, street style, vintage, designer couture collections, affordable fashion, product reviews; everything that can be useful to your image. Look forward to more on fashion, food, fitness, fun, friends and flavors of life.

My style is eclectic. I buy in luxury boutiques but also in casual stores. My goal is to show you how we can be beautiful, trendy, stylish in every sense, pondering the purchase according to the latest trends of the moment! I hope to be a source of inspiration for everyone who likes fashion and those who want to embrace this world.

What are the best places to shop in India?
India is a shopaholic’s paradise. Flea markets, malls, designer boutiques, Exquisite handicrafts and a number of shopping arcades cater to every taste. India celebrates shopping in all its hues.
Few of my Best Shopping Destinations in India are –
Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Mysore

What is India’s best kept travel secret?
In a country as vast, geographically diverse, and steeped in legend as India, every place has a story to tell.
Submerged chapels and unexplored caves—there’s plenty to discover, if you know where to look.

One of them is ‘Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu’. he entire stretch from the pilgrimage town of Rameswaram to the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park at the southern tip of India is a piece of pure wonder.

Thank you Shalini for sharing with us all your tips on India & Fashion, we look forward to seeing how your blog grows






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Image source (Temple) Pinterest


When we got the ‘Yes, she’ll do the interview’ we almost fell over! There’s nothing more heart warming then having a designer go out of their way to help you with your dreams.

Interviewing the fabulous Ruthie Davis is definitely a milestone in our ‘blogging’ career so far.  Starting her brand in 2006 after working for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, she has come a long way since then and now Beyonce is wearing her designs.

Ruthie is an inspiration to all, and doing this interview brought us back to what we really love about fashion, the way it can make you feel, it’s power to change your mood and lift you when nothing else can, retail therapy is no myth and how it gives you something to cling to, to live for. Ruthie has reinforced that dream of ours and I hope you feel it too.

Without further delay here is the awaited interview.

Q) How would you describe the ‘girl/woman’ who wears your shoes?

The “Ruthie Davis Girl” is modern, youthful, and chic. She is confident and proud and when she walks into a room, she isn’t afraid to own it.

Q) What inspired you to delve in to the fashion scene and create your own designer shoe label? 

I always tell a story about how when I was a little girl, my mother took me to buy my first pair of new shoes. I’ll never forget that they were little patent leather mary-janes and I refused to take them off all day long and even wore them to bed that night. That’s where my love affair with shoes began. And it never ended. My first job designing shoes was at Reebok and that’s where they used to call me the “Cool Hunter” because I was obsessed with finding out and creating what’s new, pushing the limits and innovating.  Now, with my own collection, I get to do this everyday and I am living my dream.


Q) New York is home to fashion, have you always lived in New York and how does that influence your business? 

I lived in Boston while working at Reebok and then in Santa Barbara California while I was Vice President of Design and Marketing for Ugg Australia, which I loved. There’s a very strong LA vibe in my design aesthetic. I love living in New York City now because you are at the center of all things fashion. Just looking at the girls on the street inspires me.

Q) Where do you get your inspiration from for your collections? 

I live and work in the West Chelsea gallery district of New York City and I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings. I love the architecture, the nature of the High Line, the art in the galleries I pass everyday… and of course all those stylish New Yorker City girls. I’m also always inspired by my muse: a James Bond type heroine who is proud sexy and fierce.

Q) You have had some major accomplishments what motivates and pushes you to keep going? 

I truly enjoy what I do… honestly. So, keeping myself going is never truly a problem. But, I must say, I love seeing my shoes on Ruthie-Girls… Whether it’s Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or a cool girl on the street… It’s an absolute honor and a total thrill. In addition, I love working with my team to bring the Ruthie Davis shoes to life.  They motivate me everyday with their positive energy and passion.

Q) You have dressed some big names such as Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga and the list goes on, is there ever moments where you have to take a step in amazement, how does it feel seeing your work publicized in that manner? 

Oh yeah. I’m in total awe and amazement every time I see my shoes in the media or on a celebrity. It’s always a pinch-myself sort of moment.


Q) Speaking of accomplishments, what has been the biggest highlight of your career so far? This year, I was named “Footwear Designer of the Year 2014” by the American Apparel and Footwear Association, one of Goldman Sachs’ “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs”, and one of Footwear News’ “20 Design Stars”… It’s been one heck of a year…

Q) You have also made various TV Appearances, is that an area you wish to go in to more, could we ever expect a show dedicated to Ruthie Davis and her shoes? 

Absolutely, I love doing television appearances. They’re so much fun… and, yes, you never know when you might see a Ruthie Davis show… wink-wink.

Q) You act as a mentor and guest lecture at MIT as well as promote hard work and perseverance to make your dreams come true, what advice would you give to others that are trying to break in to the fashion world?

I would tell anyone looking to break into the fashion industry that, for me, working first at a larger company was the best way to cut my teeth and learn every area of this business. Take your time and learn as much as you can on someone else’s dime. Go out on your own when you feel totally ready. In addition, I always tell people that I spend 10% of my time designing and 90% running a business. It’s important to acquire and develop skills and understanding in the “Business” of fashion.

Q) A big congratulations is in order on being awarded this year as ‘Footwear Designer of the Year’ by American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) which will be held this year at the American Image Awards Gala, benefiting the Special Olympics, what a prestigious award, how does that feel?

It feels absolutely amazing to be recognized by AAFA and to benefit an organization as wonderful as the Special Olympics. I am beyond honored. But like I said in my acceptance speech, “the truly deserving recipient of this award is an exceptional team who’s labor of love brings the Ruthie Davis brand to life.”

Q) What will be next for Ruthie Davis, will there be a store coming to Australia anytime soon?

The sky is the limit… I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point. But, the one thing I can always promise is to keep the surprises coming. Buckle up, 2014 is going to be the best year yet! That, I’m sure of.

Ruthie is known for her cutting edge designs, with architectural shapes and lavish mixes of materials, the brand is sold in the top retail establishments such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Amazon and many more including her online store.

A huge thank you goes out to Ruthie for accepting to do this interview and for being an absolute star, as well as for creating designs we can dream over and over.

We also want to take this moment to thank our dear friend Betty Samis, for making this interview happen.





Canne’s Film Festival has kicked off in France this week and it is all about the fashion.

Each red carpet event brings a new look for celebrities and fashion insiders, it provides them an opportunity to show off a style they couldn’t in their every day life and it gives the viewers something to lust over and a chance to dream.

The general public is fascinated with who wore what and we as fashion lovers, live for moments like these, those who dare to dream with fashion and take a dream of a designer and give it life.

Here are some of our favourite looks, bold, classic and just plain fashionable.

Photo source: Vogue & Elle









Spring is now in full swing and summer is just around the corner! Although, autumn is my favorite season I look forward to the crop tops and gladiator sandals that spring and summer have to offer!

And, since I am speaking about favorite things another one of them is doing photoshoots at night. My nights out are usually the times I fully dress up the most so, I do most of my blog shoots at night if you haven’t noticed by now. When G and I began this amazing blog of ours my shoots were mainly all in the evening and it was because it was the best time for me to fully dress up since work had me fully booked from 8 to 5. But, then I started to really like the way my shoots were coming out at night. The lighting, the mystery of what the night will hold really enticed me and thus became my favorite type of shoot to do. With that said now, I’ll talk about what I wore and one of my nightly outings!

So, another thing  I am in love with right now are a pair of vintage Levi’s that I found at a thrift store and simply can’t get enough of them. I have worn them in every way possible: day, night, short, long, inside out… you get the picture. This time I thought I’d wear them in a fun, sexy way. Everyone calls these types of jeans the “mom” jeans and I beg to differ because they can be styled in so many cool ways and my goal is to show you.

I had recently purchased this knitted mustard yellow tank top at Love Culture and thought the two colors (the vintage Levi’s and the tank top) went perfectly. For some reason the mustard yellow color screams vintage always to me. I also, wanted some type of chunky heel to balance the whole outfit together since I was starting off slimmer on the top and the bottom was going to be a little puffed out due to how “mom” jeans look rolled up. So, I wanted to keep the look flowing by pairing it with a pair of taupe platform heels by Steve Madden. Put any type of platform heel on and you’ll automatically feel like you’re heading to a disco which to me is an amazing feeling. Last I topped it off with another vintage find of mine an ivory blazer for the chilly end of the night and BAM just like that I felt sexy and cool in my vintage Levi’  “mom” jeans. GASP.



Alexis 2

Alexis 5

Alexis 6

Alexis 3


Blazer: vintage

Top: love culture

Jeans: vintage levi’s

Heels: steve madden


It’s the age of technology and also the theme of this year Met Gala.

It’s the time where the inner fashion freak gets unleashed, Designers get free range and Guests get to show an unlikely side of thier personality.

There are so many ways to keep up to date with who wore what, where they partied and all the goss inbetween, now with various social media streams including live footage from Snapchat giving you major FOMO.

But we thought we would give you a little re-cap on some of our fav looks, those who stole the show and took you to the future of fashion!















Source: Vogue

Check out the hashtag #metgala2016 & #manusxmachina for more!