What feels like an unimaginable time, on the cusp of when COVID-19 got real in Australia. With the cancellation of some Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) 2020 events being cancelled.

Fortunately Paolo Sebastian debuted at VAMFF for the first time in the history of it’s 13 years as an Australian Couture Fashion House.

The Spring/Summer 2020 Couture Collection, namely ‘The Passage of Spring’, glided down the Vogue Runway styled by Vogue Fashion Editor: Pip Moroney.

“Closing the Vogue Runway was such an Honour. We have loved making our debut at VAMFF this year” – Paul Vasileff

Unfortunately I was not there to bear witness but at a time when Fashion Festivals return from quarantine, I will be there!

Inspired by Botticelli’s Painting Primavera and illuminating the beauty of spring and the infinite rebirth of nature, this Collection captures the mystique of the three graces and the organic beauty they bestow.

As an allegory to the lush growth of spring, intricate seam-work suggests the formation of petals while voluminous ruffles and soft, floaty swing dresses bring luxury and romance to the collection.  Printed Silk Organza captures the beauty of the Hydrangea Flower, mimicking its degrade hues and unique patterning.

For those (like me) who also didn’t get to attend, you can live vicariously through his new collection available here.



As promised, I am excited to share with you all another collaboration I did to celebrate Fateful Fashion’s 5th Anniversary.

This time, I got a sneak peak of the Georgy collection and got the opportunity to ask them a few questions.


The husband/wife team have become an international sensation with some of their designs featured on the likes of Jlo.

If you haven’t already heard of the ‘brand to know’ check out my interview below and get to know a bit more about the duo who are taking on the world and proudly one of Adelaide’s own.

Jlo Ares 1


Who are the faces behind the brand? – Georgy Collection is a husband and wife team.

Georgina is the designer and Paul runs the business and sales/marketing side of things.

What is story behind the name?

The name is just the nickname of Georgina – “Georgy” and given it’s a collective of her designs we called it Georgy Collection.

What is something we can expect from Georgy’s new collection?

Our new collection is called ‘True Romance’ – And romantic is how women will feel, as this range will feature florals, frills
and lace.

Gold Hera Jumpsuit

Gold Hera


What is one goal in the next 5 years you wish to achieve?

We would like to become a go to brand for anyone looking for event wear.

What is something you want readers to know about Georgy?

Georgina doesn’t have a team of designers, all her pieces are designed personally. She is also seamstress.

What has been the biggest highlight of Georgy to date?

It’s no secret that we were extremely excited about Jennifer Lopez wearing our Artemis dress at her ‘All I have’ concert in Vegas… But when she wore another one of our pieces (the White Ares dress) a week later and posted it on her own Instagram page, it was surreal. More recently, Australia’s leading stylist Lana Wilkinson wore a piece (the Chantelle dress) from our upcoming True Romance collection at our local Oaks Day racing event. The hype and buzz that Lana created was absolutely crazy!

Lana (Chantelle) 1

Lana (Chantelle) 2

Aside from the new collection, what is something we can expect to see from Georgy in the near future?

We will look to start bringing out other fashion accessories such as eyewear, bags
etc as we want Georgy to become a one stop fashion destination.

What is one lesson you wish to pass on to aspiring fashion creatives?

You will get advice from many different people. You can’t please them all. Just do you!

What has been the most challenging obstacle in starting Georgy?

As with most startups, the amount of work required for such a small team is very challenging. There are no days off, so I guess keeping up with the amount of work required is the most challenging task at this stage.

What is the most rewarding part of Georgy and your journey to date?

Seeing women all over the world dressed in Georgy

Blanca Blanco Hera 1

Photo credit: Georgy Collection

Thanks again Paul & Georgina for this opportunity, look forward to seeing more of your success to come!



To celebrate Fateful Fashion’s 5th Anniversary, I wanted to collaborate with other Adelaide creatives in Fashion, to reflect back on their own journeys and setting future predictions/intentions for the next 5 years.

I have been fortunate enough to interview Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian, who has always been an inspiration to myself and is a true depiction of hard work recognized and rewarded, and through it all, Paul has always been so humble and gracious.

Fateful Fashion interviewed Paul a few years ago, when we were both in our earlier stages of our fashion journey, and it has been so amazing to have the opportunity to interview Paul again, I am truly grateful for Pauls’ commitment to Paolo Sebastian and his support of others in the fashion industry.



Looking back what has been the most outstanding favourite moment for Paolo Sebastian?

One of the most outstanding moments for Paolo Sebastian has to be collaborating with Disney on an exclusive Disney inspired couture collection. For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by Disney, so to collaborate with them was a dream come true! ‘Once Upon A Dream’ pays homage to stories and characters that have played a such a significant role in my life, as they have for so many people

What is something we can expect from Paolo Sebastian in the year ahead?

I’m currently working on our Autumn Winter 18/19 Couture Collection, which will be launching mid-year. While I can’t give too much away, I’m really excited to share this collection with everyone

What is one ‘goal’ in the next 5 years you wish to achieve?

For Paolo Sebastian, the goal has always been to reach the title of Haute Couture, which is the highest level of couture in the world. While becoming Haute Couture can be a very extensive process, this is something my team and I are working incredibly hard at achieving.

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

It would be the same advice I give to everyone, keep working hard, dream big and never quit

What has been the most challenging obstacle you have had to overcome with Paolo Sebastian?

When I started Paolo Sebastian back in 2007, I was just 17 years old. There were some real challenges with people thinking I was too young and may have felt that because I was from Adelaide, I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, that perception within the industry here has changed

You have always been such a huge supporter of Adelaide and in particular the fashion scene in Adelaide, do you ever see yourself branching out in to other areas of fashion?

There is a real community spirit here in Adelaide and the people genuinely want to see others succeed. Throughout my career I’ve worked with so many incredible people who have gone out of their way to support me and Paolo Sebastian. In terms of branching out in different areas of fashion, we definitely want to continue to expand internationally, however, still remain based here. Down the line we could certainly consider expanding into Ready-To-Wear and accessories, however that is certainly some time away

If you weren’t behind the seams at Paolo Sebastian, what do you think you would be doing?

Growing up I either wanted to be a fashion designer or work for Disney so I never really had much of a back-up plan

Outside of Paolo Sebastian, what is your favourite thing to do? When you are not designing of course!

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my friends and family, either relaxing at the beach or going to one of the many great restaurants in Adelaide.

What is one thing you have learnt throughout the last 10 years that you can pass on to those embarking on their own fashion journey?

Over the past 10 years I have learnt so much about the fashion industry, but one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is the importance of hard-work, taking pride in everything you do and never giving up. I would tell anyone embarking on a new venture to constantly keep learning and developing new skills.

Photo credit: Paolo Sebastian 

Thanks again Paul, for this opportunity to catch up and reflect on your success of Paolo Sebastian!



I recently caught up with designers Paul & Georgina Tsiavlis who are behind up and coming fashion brand GEORGY COLLECTION.

Not only was I lucky enough to talk all things fashion, I also got a sneak peak of their collection, which is due to be launching within the coming months.

GEORGY COLLECTION is a mix of class and sophistication – with an edge, ensuring whomever wears their gowns feel beautiful, confident and sexy!

With a strong focus on high-quality design and individual desire to suit your personal style.

Georgina, the designer behind the brand states that ‘At the heart of the collection lies a strong design aesthetic. Contoured lines and structured silhouettes create a signature style that radiates from every intricate stitch and seam. GEORGY COLLECTION designs are bold and confident, and make the women who wear them feel the same.’

Thank you to Paul & Georgina for giving me this exclusive sneak peak, definitely a brand to watch and another exciting addition to the fashion scene in Adelaide.

Stay tuned for the launch of GEORGY COLLECTION.


I’ve teamed up with luxury British Brand Kurtis Paul, specialising in beautifully crafted men’s bags and accessories.

Kurtis Paul aim to bring high quality products to the masses and target a demographic they refer to as ‘The Modern Gentleman’.

Launching in 2015 with their leather collection, since Kurtis Paul have expanded and released their leather accessories and canvas collection, this was only made available recently and is crafted from a luxurious 20oz, super thick canvas. This was chosen to give a harder wearing, higher quality feel.

The brand is big on personalisation, tailoring names to their accessories and giving their products a unique personality.

Kurtis Paul was created for the Modern Gentleman, this is someone who as a sense of purpose, wants to have a positive impact on the world and is motivated and driven to be at their best.   It’s someone who holds themselves in high regards, has a high self worth and is determined to become the best version of himself. Much of his down time is spent on self development and he enjoys the knowledge that is received through reading factual literature. He understands that health is an important aspect of his routine and a health body lets him perform at his best. The modern gentleman has an interest in travel and the experience of different cultures. He knows that it is our differences that make us unique and by studying different cultures he can gain an understanding of peoples motivators and driver, he calls on this knowledge to ensure he helps other gain reach the potential. Helping others is an important aspect of his working manta, he believes that to receive you must first give and he enjoys the satisfaction of helping others.

I had a chat to Lloyd, co-founder over at Kurtis Paul, check out the interview below

Q) What made you want to start Kurtis Paul?

Kurtis Paul was started by two brothers with a desire to express their creativity and was born following many extended periods of travel.

Both Kurtis and I have spent many a day on the road travelling for work and are keen backpackers. It is fair to say we have tried, and tested, many different luggage products. We were intrigued by the lack of quality in the market and were quality was present there was a large price tag associated. It has been our aim, since starting Kurtis Paul to focus on why we do things. For example; we rationalise Kurtis Paul not as a fashion brand but more as a brand who solves the luggage requirements of today’s men.

I believe that starting our design process with the intent on solving a problem leads us to focus more and ensures our products are as good as they can be. For example; our canvas duffle bag comes with both carry handles and shoulder straps (not unusual) but by thinking through how this bag would be used we decided to make all handles removable. The wearer generally has a preference on carry style and in most cases the other handles are redundant. In another example; we know there is an importance to allow backpack straps to be adjustable but became frustrated by how the excess strap was left to dangle. On our recently launched canvas backpack we made a simple alteration so the straps can be tucked away and kept neat.

Q) What would you mark as your biggest success to date?

I think our biggest success is the happiness that starting Kurtis Paul has brought both Kurtis and I. We truly enjoy the work we do and feel this is more valuable than anything else.  As you would probably agree, being creatively minded there is a huge sense of satisfaction that is received by seeing the product of hard work. It is this satisfaction that keeps driving the team to move forward.

Q) Can you describe more about your personality in naming of items, what is the story behind the name(s)?

You will notice all our bags have a name, we consciously chose to inject some personality into each of them and have given them a persona as to how we expect them to be used and for what type of person. For example the canvas collection includes the ‘Arnold Duffle Bag’, ‘Columbus Backpack’ and ‘Donald Beach Bag’.

The persona of each bag was chosen as our way to inject some fun and character into the product range. It goes back to the earlier statement that Kurtis Paul focuses on why we do things. Each bag was designed with a clear vision on how it would be used and the type of person that would enjoy the creations.

The personalities are our articulation of this, we wanted people to read them and think ‘yes, that sounds like me’, we also wanted the persons to act as a motivation.

Self improvement is a huge part of who Kurtis Paul are, we believe that life is one continual journey in which we learn and grow as people. We hoped that our customers would read the personas and it would spark some motivation within them, increase their energy levels and give them some purpose. For example; if you’re using a bag named after Arnold Schwarzenegger your certainly not going to ’take it easy’ next time you’re in the gym…





I want to personally thank the guys over at Kurtis Paul for creating this insightful interview and providing us with an insider take on the world of luxury luggage.  To check out their products, click the links below!


Columbus Backpack:


Donald Beach Bag:


Arnold Duffle Bag:




When we got the ‘Yes, she’ll do the interview’ we almost fell over! There’s nothing more heart warming then having a designer go out of their way to help you with your dreams.

Interviewing the fabulous Ruthie Davis is definitely a milestone in our ‘blogging’ career so far.  Starting her brand in 2006 after working for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, she has come a long way since then and now Beyonce is wearing her designs.

Ruthie is an inspiration to all, and doing this interview brought us back to what we really love about fashion, the way it can make you feel, it’s power to change your mood and lift you when nothing else can, retail therapy is no myth and how it gives you something to cling to, to live for. Ruthie has reinforced that dream of ours and I hope you feel it too.

Without further delay here is the awaited interview.

Q) How would you describe the ‘girl/woman’ who wears your shoes?

The “Ruthie Davis Girl” is modern, youthful, and chic. She is confident and proud and when she walks into a room, she isn’t afraid to own it.

Q) What inspired you to delve in to the fashion scene and create your own designer shoe label? 

I always tell a story about how when I was a little girl, my mother took me to buy my first pair of new shoes. I’ll never forget that they were little patent leather mary-janes and I refused to take them off all day long and even wore them to bed that night. That’s where my love affair with shoes began. And it never ended. My first job designing shoes was at Reebok and that’s where they used to call me the “Cool Hunter” because I was obsessed with finding out and creating what’s new, pushing the limits and innovating.  Now, with my own collection, I get to do this everyday and I am living my dream.


Q) New York is home to fashion, have you always lived in New York and how does that influence your business? 

I lived in Boston while working at Reebok and then in Santa Barbara California while I was Vice President of Design and Marketing for Ugg Australia, which I loved. There’s a very strong LA vibe in my design aesthetic. I love living in New York City now because you are at the center of all things fashion. Just looking at the girls on the street inspires me.

Q) Where do you get your inspiration from for your collections? 

I live and work in the West Chelsea gallery district of New York City and I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings. I love the architecture, the nature of the High Line, the art in the galleries I pass everyday… and of course all those stylish New Yorker City girls. I’m also always inspired by my muse: a James Bond type heroine who is proud sexy and fierce.

Q) You have had some major accomplishments what motivates and pushes you to keep going? 

I truly enjoy what I do… honestly. So, keeping myself going is never truly a problem. But, I must say, I love seeing my shoes on Ruthie-Girls… Whether it’s Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or a cool girl on the street… It’s an absolute honor and a total thrill. In addition, I love working with my team to bring the Ruthie Davis shoes to life.  They motivate me everyday with their positive energy and passion.

Q) You have dressed some big names such as Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga and the list goes on, is there ever moments where you have to take a step in amazement, how does it feel seeing your work publicized in that manner? 

Oh yeah. I’m in total awe and amazement every time I see my shoes in the media or on a celebrity. It’s always a pinch-myself sort of moment.


Q) Speaking of accomplishments, what has been the biggest highlight of your career so far? This year, I was named “Footwear Designer of the Year 2014” by the American Apparel and Footwear Association, one of Goldman Sachs’ “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs”, and one of Footwear News’ “20 Design Stars”… It’s been one heck of a year…

Q) You have also made various TV Appearances, is that an area you wish to go in to more, could we ever expect a show dedicated to Ruthie Davis and her shoes? 

Absolutely, I love doing television appearances. They’re so much fun… and, yes, you never know when you might see a Ruthie Davis show… wink-wink.

Q) You act as a mentor and guest lecture at MIT as well as promote hard work and perseverance to make your dreams come true, what advice would you give to others that are trying to break in to the fashion world?

I would tell anyone looking to break into the fashion industry that, for me, working first at a larger company was the best way to cut my teeth and learn every area of this business. Take your time and learn as much as you can on someone else’s dime. Go out on your own when you feel totally ready. In addition, I always tell people that I spend 10% of my time designing and 90% running a business. It’s important to acquire and develop skills and understanding in the “Business” of fashion.

Q) A big congratulations is in order on being awarded this year as ‘Footwear Designer of the Year’ by American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) which will be held this year at the American Image Awards Gala, benefiting the Special Olympics, what a prestigious award, how does that feel?

It feels absolutely amazing to be recognized by AAFA and to benefit an organization as wonderful as the Special Olympics. I am beyond honored. But like I said in my acceptance speech, “the truly deserving recipient of this award is an exceptional team who’s labor of love brings the Ruthie Davis brand to life.”

Q) What will be next for Ruthie Davis, will there be a store coming to Australia anytime soon?

The sky is the limit… I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point. But, the one thing I can always promise is to keep the surprises coming. Buckle up, 2014 is going to be the best year yet! That, I’m sure of.

Ruthie is known for her cutting edge designs, with architectural shapes and lavish mixes of materials, the brand is sold in the top retail establishments such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Amazon and many more including her online store.

A huge thank you goes out to Ruthie for accepting to do this interview and for being an absolute star, as well as for creating designs we can dream over and over.

We also want to take this moment to thank our dear friend Betty Samis, for making this interview happen.




Faces Of

We joined forces with our lovely photographer Morgan Sette to get some photos of us purely for this blog and because who doesn’t love a photoshoot?
All Photo credit goes to Morgan Sette, taken in Ebeneezer Place, Adelaide.


Fateful Fashion Fotoshoot

Not too long ago, Alexis and I both did took some professional photos of outfits of our choice to showcase.

I got my good friend Morgan to take mine (because she is better behind the camera than I am, and better in front of it too), I dressed up and made a fool of myself trying to pose in the City with many interruptions and behind the scenes photos that will never be shown.

We wanted to do something a little different and a bit more exclusive and fun, so we hope you enjoy!



Wearing, Top Shop pants, Mink Pink Jumper, Sportsgirl boots and Hunt No More Faux Fur jacket




We got approached by J.J. Threads a little while ago  who are a unique Men’s store based in New York who focus purely on tailor made fashion.

They are an innovating shirting company on the boarder of fashion and technology, creating shirts that are made for you, literally.

By logging in you become the designer, with the freedom to customize fabrics and fits. It is a revolutionary form of online shopping.  Founder J.J. built a digital space that gives drive to the customer, J.J says  “We don’t ask people to conform to what our design team thinks is the best style.”  J.J. Wich launched the company after being involved in the custom shirting and tailoring game whilst in Hong Long and has made it his mission to provide the same attention to detail through his website. There are two ways that customers can experience J.J. Threads’s approach to finding the best fit for each individual. First, there are the four standardized sizing options available: Slim Fit, Athletic Fit, Regular Fit, and Gentleman’s Fit. For customers who want a highly individualized fit, there is also a made-to-measure option, where customers are walked through a seven-step process before submitting their measurements, ensuring that your new J.J. shirt will fit your body like it was made specifically for you, because, well, it was.

To get your perfectly fitted shirt head to their online store here and get whisked away in the world of fine fitting shirts.

“I want J.J. Threads to be more than just a shopping site, I want it to be a vibrant community and a fun experience, one that reflects the products we offer.” J.J Wich says.



Late last year we got the chance to catch up with Adelaide Designer Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian, you may have seen some of his masterpieces on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes and most recently the Academy Awards, as well as on the faces of many fashionable celebrities such as Danii Minogue and Guiliana Rancic.

We talked everything fashion and got to play dress ups, every girls dream!

Paul started at the very young age of 17 and since has amazed everyone with his breathtaking collections.


At a young age you chose to pursue a career in fashion, what does fashion mean to you?

It’s not necessarily so much about fashion, I wouldn’t say I work in fashion; it’s more about style because fashion changes by style remains forever.
To me fashion is how people live their life day to day and how they make fashion work for them.  I’ve always been interested in that because you can tell so much about people from what they wear, it shows their personality traits, orr if you’re someone who says they don’t like fashion that in itself is a fashion statement, I find fashion really interesting in that respect.

For me the reason I am drawn to it (fashion) I think it’s just something that I can’t explain, it’s more creative, what we do, as fashion can be more of an industry.  For us it’s about creating and design work, I guess I’m putting my personal aesthetic in to fashion.

When I was studying In Italy, one of the classes looked at people, we had to look at ourselves and question why we like fashion, why do we like the fashion that we like, why do we draw that way and even now it’s hard to pin-point why.


How would you describe your own personal style? Has it changed much since launching your couture brand?

Someone said to me that I dress very ‘classic’ and yet my dresses are so couture, but you don’t dress that way for yourself.  I dress very conservative and I guess it’s because I’m very much of a perfectionist and traditional.  All my suits are classic colours, classic cuts, perfect fit and it comes back to my perfectionist and classic part of my personality.

I wouldn’t say it has changed so much, more that it has grown and developed and as new trends come in we get to experience and grow and develop with that, as we have new fabrics come in we get new ideas.  My style has always been the ‘old, other world league glamour’ so I would say my style has evolved – it’s built up rather than changed.


Q) As Adelaide is a smaller city in terms of other fashion capitals how do you feel it is growing in the fashion world? And why do you continue to stay?

I think Adelaide is doing huge things compared to what it was a couple of years ago and I think that’s also thanks to the internet and social media.

I get so proud when I’m interstate or overseas and am in contact with someone, for example I was recently in Sydney talking to some ‘big’ magazines there and I got so excited when I found out the people I were talking to were from Adelaide and it just goes to show there’s so much talent here and it’s a shame that in the past everyone has chosen to move interstate.  I think more and more people are loving the Adelaide life style, myself included and because of the internet and social media we’re able to stay and work from here – which is great!

Before the internet it would have been impossible (to stay in this industry) but now everything is at your fingertips and you can be in direct contact with anyone you need or want to be in contact with.

I think things are starting to change and how we have events such as the Adelaide Fashion Festival, people in Adelaide are now realising that we do have power and talent and are making it work.


Q) Where does your inspiration come from? And how does it push you to keep going as a designer?

I get inspiration from so many things, I’m very much inspired by my friends and family who give me the drive to keep going and to keep pushing myself because they are so excited for me and seeing that makes me really push myself.

When you’re working all the time, you’re just in it and you’re not thinking about everything , but they are so excited to hear what I’m working on, so that in itself is a huge, huge push.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, like I said I’m always inspired by Old Hollywood, Old Movies but it could be anything.  A few collections ago I was in Rome because I lived in Italy for a year and the idea of Rome inspired me.  A few collections before that was Swan Lake, I was listening to the soundtrack from the ballet and instantly had a whole different collection.  At the end of the day style has to come in to that so you have to adapt that theme or inspiration into your style.


Q) Recently, a lot has been happening to you with your collection how would you describe the last 6 months of your life?

It’s been a real whirlwind and you don’t really get to have a chance to sit back and look at it, because you’re always moving on to the next thing straight away.  Even by the time the thing you’ve been working on comes out to the public to see, you’re already steps ahead and have done all these other projects that you’re concentrating all your time on, so you don’t get to look back and it’s not until my friends and family get excited when they can all find out about it all – that’s when you get to relive it and get excited about it again.

When we first find out about ‘The Million Dollar Dress’ we were so excited in the beginning and couldn’t tell anyone and then we made it, and it had to get sent off to get the diamonds put on it and you forget about it until it comes back and it gets launched and it’s exciting again because you’re working so hard and all these hours and doing all these other projects you don’t get to step back and look at it all, which is a shame.

That’s definitely what’s been going on in the last six months, it’s just been a whirlwind of all these projects built up and all these special events and collaborations with Shiels, Big Brother, X-Factor, and other projects that have been going on – it’s been a really, really exciting six months

Q) You recently designed the Million Dollar Diamond Dress what was the process like for designing it?

It was really exciting, for me it was something completely different, from never having worked with jewellery before.  I learnt a lot because designing jewellery is a very different process from designing dresses and we had to work in a way where the diamonds would have to be incorporated in to the fabric which was a challenge for Shiels as well, because their jewellers had to work out a way to heat set and you obviously can’t heat set on to fabric.

For both of us it was a lot of trial and error and learning, for that six months it was a lot of back and forth.  It was a really great experience and very exciting and again while we were doing it we weren’t really thinking about creating a Million Dollar Dress – which is very cool.


Q) How did it feel to unveil the Million Dollar Diamond Dress and your 1920s inspired collection in November?

I was really proud of this collection because it was bringing together all these elements over the last six years of Paolo Sebastian.  I used key elements of different styles that we’ve done, like our ballerina cut which has been very popular for us and working them in to a way which personifies the essence of Paolo Sebastian, so this collection was very significant for me because it was taking our design aesthetic to the extreme and pushing as much as we could, like with the crystal work and lace work to show what we’re about as a brand.

I was very proud and very excited to put this collection together because it was condensed, all of our style put in to one – everything that we loved put in to one collection.

My inspiration was everything that I love, 1920’s, Old Hollywood – it was really fun.


Q) What do you see for yourself in your career in the year 2014?

I don’t know!  We had a discussion the other day on the next collection, what we’re going to do and how we’re going to launch it. There should be some exciting things coming up, but we’re just taking it as it comes and that’s what has been great for us in making decisions I tend to follow my gut.

I’m doing this because I love my job and really enjoy it, so I’m making decisions that I enjoy and that I want for myself and my company, and that’s what feels right to me.  I’m not doing anything just to get ahead, the fact that the brand has taken off is a great thing.

If you’re just doing the same thing every year, it’s expected, it’s boring and not fun for us.

I always said I couldn’t live the same day twice, with this job every day is different, every day is a new and exciting challenge, there’s always boundaries to be pushed and working out new ways in doing things and I love that.  You never know what can come around the corner.

Q) What advice would you give your 17 year old self with all that you have learnt and experienced now?

I don’t know that I would want to say anything, because I wouldn’t want to change anything.  I’m so happy with where I am that I wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardise that and alter the experiences that I’ve had.

You have good and you have bad experiences, but the bad ones are just as important as the good ones because you learn so much from them.  I guess I would say, definitely keep at it.  If I could go back to any point I would go back to my 18 year old self when I was in Italy and say ‘just relax and enjoy, it’s only a year’.

I only applied to go to Italy, because I was forced to, my parents said there’s this scholarship, apply! And I just did it to say I did it, pity I didn’t get in… but then I did get in.  The first thing that was going through my head when I got that call was, you have to go now. I just wanted to stay.

I think now I should have just enjoyed it more than I could have if I had just relaxed.  I had friends visit every month, and we travelled together.  I got to see Europe, and when I went back this year it was great, because I had been there and I knew where everything was, knew how to speak a bit of French, knew how to speak Italian so when I went with my friends, I got to show them around and going back to Milan I got to reminisce, it was a really great experience.


Q) What has been one moment where you had to pinch yourself to see if it was all real?

There’s a lot of pinch yourself moments, so many, but you pinch yourself then you have to go and do the work.  I’ve had the fortune of meeting so many amazing people, celebrities, people in the industry that you get to work with and even clients; you meet so many wonderful people.

The biggest pinch yourself moment was when I met Giorgio Armani in Paris.  I went to the Christian Dior Couture show and the Ellie Saab Couture show that was this year’s pinch yourself moment.  Even then I was numb to it, so when I look back on the books from the show I still can’t believe it.  The Ellie Saab show was just beautiful, the most beautiful space, and at the Dior show they had built a ‘marquee’ but it was a building, and we were all sitting in the middle in a square staircase area, the  models walked around and  the wall was a moving video, so it felt the room was moving around you, it was really impressive.

Q) Since you started so young and so far have had a lot of success where do yourself in the next 10 years?

I would like to see Paolo Sebastian overseas, maybe either Paris or Milan, hopefully showing.  The ultimate aim is to be in the same level as Dior.

The shops that we’re stocked in now, we’re on the shelf with Marchesa, Valentino which  in itself is really huge for us.

Since I was little that’s where I wanted to be, one of those brands, the fact that we’re on the road to that is really exciting.  In ten, fifteen, twenty years’ time, it’s scary to think, but hopefully we’re there.

We want to thank Paul for this interview and for being an amazing inspiration not only for everyone who loves fashion in Adelaide, but all over the world.

‘If you’ve got an imagination you can never stop growing, and once I do stop then it’s time to maybe stop.’


All photo credit goes to Morgan Sette


Attention all fashion loving males and those women who adore men’s clothing.  Introducing our new feature on ‘Bonobos’ New York style for Spring.

Think of Chuck Bass and Scott, sorry Lord Disick and any man with style, when thinking Bonobos.  A New York brand specializing in Mens Fashion.  Their style? Classic, Fresh, Tasteful and pure Quality.


This Spring season, we are showcasing their ‘Garden Party and Warm Weather Wedding  inspired Suits’

As we always say, a picture is worth a thousand words and the best way to describe how genius their collection is for you to see for yourself.

Offering affordable prices and Free Shipping around America and low rate shipping to Australia – which makes us fear for our credit cards balance! Bonobos is it for all you men out there, you no longer have an excuse this Spring for wearing last seasons wardrobe, or if you are, you can now team it with something new!



With raving reviews from New York Magazine, naming Bonobos with “Best Men’s Pants” and the Advertising Age saying it was “One of America’s Hottest Brands”, the brand which launched in 2007 now has 8 location stores as well as their online store and partners with Nordstrom stocking their collections. 

It’s a brand not to be missed out on, and one that is taking the fashion world by storm.


Bonobos also offer appointment bookings and did we mention FREE SHIPPING?!



So what are you waiting for? Head to now and get on the bandwagon, trust me you don’t want to be left behind!


Xo Fateful Fashion

The peak of any outfit

The peak of any outfit

The hat was once an accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without, not only did it apply the finishing touch to your outfit but it provided shelter through winter and summer protecting you from the weather.

For more on how to wear the hat as an accessory and inspiration on the different ways it can work for you, head to our trend forecasting page!

It’s too cold for this



Today, my beautiful friend Morgan Sette helped with taking some photos for us and ultimately you!
The saying rain, hail or snow clearly applied today

Ah, the things we do for fashion!


Winter is the best time to experiment with your personal style, for me, I do just that, from layering up jackets and pants, to the short and stocking combo like I did today, all the way to winter dresses.
There’s so much to choose from when it comes to winter style, the world of fashion is at your disposal.

With my look, it was quite straight forward actually, a pair of winter-like shorts (which just means thick) although, you could try it with any shorts really. A thick jumper, stockings, boots and to touch it off a beanie.


All of these are just the ground work, you can pick any jumper, any shorts, any stockings and any beanie, the trick is working with the same color tone, so when choosing a beanie from my beloved beanie collection I went with a dark red knit as it complimented with the shorts and both had a dusky like appearance.’


This winter, try something you haven’t before – fashion wise, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

In the meantime you can admire Morgan’s camera work – she’s pretty spectacular!

Xo Fateful Fashion

Black & White

Who doesn’t love a good black & white combo – it’s one of our favorite couples, they fit so perfectly together. That’s why in this shoot we decided to keep the photos black and white, because we love the classics!

A few snippets from a shoot we did not too long ago, featuring the long white shirt and stripped shirt, an easy way to wear either, keeping it casual and fresh, easy to layer upon!

Model: Georgia Hall
Photographer: Morgan Sette
Stylist: Georgia Hall

Wearing Miss Shop white shirt and Ladakah stripped shirt.

Black-and-White-2 Black-and-White-3 Black-and-White-4

One stop makeover

I took my cousin Zac shopping for a quick wardrobe update, like most guys he didn’t want to spend much and I knew it would have to be a short shopping trip otherwise I would bore him to death.
We went to Zara, and he bought 3 shirts, one including this suit shirt he is wearing (on the right).

What I love about this shirt is it can be worn casually, semi formally and formally. He teamed it with these brown pants which were his own and kept it simple.

One thing I found while shopping for a guy is the fit of the clothes, with girls there are many different fits and styles that may suit one person perfectly but become unflattering on another body shape.

With Zac, as he is fairly tall and slender we chose tops in a smaller fitted size that help proportion his body.

If you want any tips for how to shop for a boy or you have any for us, please feel free to message us on our Facebook Page or directly on the blog.

Xo, Fateful Fashion

The Lilah

This afternoon we took little Lilah – four years old (not so little I suppose, and she acts like a 12 year old) shopping.  We headed to Burnside and went straight to Zara and never left.

Each outfit came to about 70 odd dollars, some a bit more including the jackets etc, but we found it reasonably priced and got some adorable outfits that I warn you to brace yourself for.

She was an angel shopping and a natural born model, it was a great experience for all not only did Lilah have fun but so did we!

Seeing her in some of these outfits makes me want to take a trick or two out of her book.

‘Summer fun’ look
a simple dress and my favorite sandals, simple yet super fun and the sandals can be worn with almost any clothing to add extra flare too!


‘Winter Wonderland’ look – as Lilah would say
This one was one of my favorite looks, I just love the faux fur coat worn with the pink leggings and boots. An extremely practical yet stylish look for winter.


‘back from a big day at work’ Look – again Lilah’s words.
This is one of the outfits I fell in love with, the simple white shirt and navy pants teamed with a trench coat that will come in very handy this winter.
And the bag, well that speaks for itself.


‘Little Audrey’ Look
My absolute favorite look that I want to steal, by now her confidence was through the roof and I didn’t need to ask her to pose, like I said she is a natural, and looks adorable in this white dress teamed with black boots and stockings, easy to put on and easy to accessories.


I hope you’ve enjoyed Lilah’s newly updated wardrobe, and if you need any assistance styling, shopping and photographing your child, we will be more than happy to do so.

All rugged up!

Now, it may not seem like it today, but for us Aussie’s winter is just around the corner, and a huge thanks to these two beauties for helping me model some easy winter looks.

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love winter, and fashion is one of the major reasons why.

Firstly, how cute do they look?
Ella and Alana Glapa, showing off their cousingly bond!

If you’re like me and think as soon as the season changes, so should your wardrobe, well it doesn’t have to.  Yes it’s healthy now and then to update your wardrobe for whatever reason that may be, but if you are on a budget or don’t have any room left in your closet then it’s important to make use of what you already have!

In the first look, Ella left is wearing a simple maroon cardigan, grey staple tee, black jeans, black boots, grey beanie and a patterned scarf, it may seem like a lot of items but i’m pretty sure everyone would have a pair of jeans, a t shirt and a cardigan they can team together.  Now if that’s too boring for you, that’s where scarves and beanies come in!

They showcase any outfit, and they can be really, really cheap! In fact the beanie Ella is wearing I got free in a magazine! Alana is wearing similar, grey staple tee, this time maroon jeans and scarf, again with black boots and a patterned beanie.

So this winter people, get around scarves and beanies, and other wintry accessories  they will save you a fortune and can serve for multiple purposes, i.e. bad hair days + beanie = problem solved!

All-rugged-up-2 All-rugged-up-3

In the second look, I chose to feature jumpers!
Who doesn’t love a good winter jumper, and the ones the girls are wearing are some of my fav!
Alana, wearing white jumper and beanie, the look is so effortless yet is so flattering, the white against her skin tone and hair goes so well, and Ella, in the red and stripe again works for her, and it can work for you too!

I love whites in winter, and I also love incorporating colors, to contrast the weather.  Most people usually only wear jumpers during the day, where they can be dressed up too for going out! whether it’s with some leggings, heels or jeans and heels, this winter – invest in jumpers! you can’t go wrong, or go through the jumpers you already have, you may be pleasantly surprised with your findings.
I have a huge collection of jumpers and I swear by them, when you’re stuggling with what to wear, chuck on a jumper and your outfit is set!

All-rugged-up-6 All-rugged-up-7 All-rugged-up-8 All-rugged-up-9

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, as much as we did taking them, and have got some inspiration for winter!
Stay warm, stay stylish

Xo Fateful Fashion


Alana Glapa
Ella Glapa
Georgia Hall
Georgia Rees

A huge thank you to everyone involved! if you would like to be involved whether behind the camera or in front of
email us at
or catch us on facebook!


Introducing Chelsea Hall

This beautiful girl here is my cousin, she has wanted to be a model for as long as I can recall, doing her first Modelling course at the age of 6.


Not only has she grown up, but so has her passion for the modelling industry and fashion, this post is dedicated to her, to show her off to the world!

Chelsea has a big heart and big dreams, and I am so unconditionally proud of how far she has come, she really has grown in to a beautiful young lady.

She describes her fashion style as comfortable, fashionable and likes finding clothes that suit her body shape, with her Fashion Icon as Lauren Conrad, she is  inspired by her style and loves keeping up to date and experimenting with trends.


Not only is she a stunner, but she is funny, silly and loves to play dress ups!

At the age of 17, almost 18 she is in her final year of high school, loves horse riding, shopping and hanging out with her friends.


Keep an eye out for Chelsea in the modelling world, who knows where she could end up!



White.  A simplistic trend, everyone can make their own. Fresh, versatile and accessible, we just can’t get enough!

White on white is one way to make a stand, it’s understated yet bold and seeing from the looks below, can be changed to suit everyone’s personality.

Most people look at white as being a ‘safe’ option, however it is now taking the ‘matchy-matchy’ look to a sophisticated new level.

Check  out full post and other up-coming trends on our ‘trend forcast’ page!

Xo Fateful Fashion



Interviewing up & coming designer label ‘Ashlee Graham’ via new fashion blog ‘Fashion Global’ by Frances Smith!


Hi Ashlee, first of all, it’s nice to ‘cyberly’ meet you, I’ve been admiring your Graduate Parade collection, the hand textured garments – did you do that yourself?

The Copper? I did it – It was all hand moulded.

It’s really an amazing talent you have, and we’re extremely excited to feature you on Fashion Global and FatefulFashion.

Aww thanks!!

So, a bit about yourself, what got you in to fashion, and designing in particular?

Photographed by Jackie Tran, hair and make up Kelle Kim and Model Matilda Gordon

I’ve always been into fashion, as long as I can remember. I started a stall at Gilles St Markets in Adelaide about 5 years ago with one of my closest friends Rach, mostly vintage and up-cycled pieces but that pretty quickly led to designing

How old were you when you first started pursuing?

I was 20 when we started at Gilles st

Did you study?

 Sure did! I knew if I was going to really make it as a designer I needed to know more about construction and the fashion industry. It took 3 years and now I have an advanced diploma of fashion design

What made you decide on using your name for your brand?

It’s the same reason I love fashion and don’t have a tattoo, every day I love something new! I must admit though I’m still not used to seeing my name on clothes and in stores 🙂

Where you are at right now with your business?

I graduated last November so the business is only 6 months old, were still in beginning stages but ive just had to hire another seamstress to keep up with demand so it is all going really well.

What has been the biggest highlight or most enjoyable aspect so far?

Being a part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival last year!! Seeing my designs strutting down a runway was beyond amazing! Also earlier this year I was the only SA finalist in the QANTAS Spirit of Youth Awards I was quite overwhelmed.

What’s the next step for you? Where do you ideally want to take this?

I am currently designing the winter collection for next year, and about to go into production for the next summer range. I’d like to go global!

What is one thing that you didn’t expect to happen once starting out in this industry?

The response I’ve had in general has been unexpected, I get models and photographers emailing all the time wanting to work together. And a lot of the clothes get pre ordered so they are sold before they even have a chance to hit the shelves.

What you love most about it all, designing/sewing etc

I obviously love designing, trend research and sourcing fabric. Patternmaking is my favourite part though. It’s almost meditative for me, figuring out how to take a sketch and turn it into a pattern that would make a garment, it’s a great process.   

Are there any other areas you would like to branch out in, either in Fashion or something completely different?

Accessories and children’s wear 🙂

Where can we find you, I know you have your Facebook page, do you sell your clothes on-line as well?

The online store is currently still in development, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, but in the meantime there’s a great new boutique on Glen Osmond road called If You’re A Bird and they stock the whole range.

You’re a huge inspiration to many up and coming designers – what’s a piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in fashion?

Thanks, I think I’m still up and coming. Someone give me advice! 🙂 No but seriously make the most of every opportunity and be prepared to work hard

and lastly, what’s one thing you’ve learnt that has really helped guide you?

It’s not so much what I’ve learnt, but what I didn’t know I needed. I have an amazing support network around me, my family and friends have helped me a lot! For example my best friends help on photo shoots and send amazing words of encouragement in times of doubt, my mum helps with babysitting at the drop of a hat, and of course my partner puts up with 4 am bedtimes and me at my most stressed. Plus everything else they do, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of them!! 

Thank you so much for your time, we’ll be in contact when it’s published, is there any chance you could send through some images that you would like to include in your interview?

Thanks so much Ashlee – really appreciate all of this!

You can check out her entire label on her Facebook page!



Meet Nikeisha, leading designer of TANOUK – originally from Adelaide she is in the midst of relocating to Perth as well as expanding her brand, we were lucky enough to get to know her process of design and where her inspiration comes from. So far she has been featured on Sportsgirl and numerous blogs after having her clothes worn to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show. (see interview below)

Firstly, how you got started and a bit about yourself?

I have been designing since the age of 16 years old. I am self-taught with guidance from very experienced dressmakers I have worked with over the years.

tnkbts1 copy

I have always been very absorbed in anything to do with fashion. My creative flare combined with my favourite past time (clothing) led me to my absolute dream job – fashion designing.

When did you decide to create your own label?

When my now PR manager El went to MBFWA in Sydney earlier this year in my designs and feat on countless blogs and I was also approached by retail buyers regarding my designs! I felt that I was obviously filling some kind of gap in the market and that people wanted more of what I had to offer – that’s when I established Tanouk!

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Having to work full time and establishing my business/Tanouk – thankfully I have very supportive friends and family

tnkbts7 copy

tnkbts6 copy

What has been the biggest success to come out of this?

Tanouk Feat on Sportsgirl for street style of the week and on some awesome blogs – including ‘FatefulFashion’

image_1365670930452219 copy

Had you always desired to have a career in Fashion?

When I completed school I did not intend on going into the fashion industry and decided on going into Allied Health, a very big contrast from designing.

tnkbts8 copy        tnkbts9 copy

Your designs are very fashion forward and very different to what’s around, what makes you different and where do you get your inspiration from?

To stand out in the crowd you need to be unique and I guess that’s what my designs are… I am not one to follow a trend.

tnkbts2 copy       tnkbts5 copy

What does the future look like for Tanouk?

BIG – I hope! The only way to reach your goals is to set them high I believe. The only way to find out where Tanouk will be is to watch the space –

Lastly, where can we get it!!

Tanouk will be stocked in selective boutiques TBA, or you will find our garments on the Estore – Pre Sales commence in September. You will need to get in quick as there is very limited stock for the first collection!

tnkbs10 copy

Xo Fateful Fashion


Audrey-esque photoshoot

Audrey-esque-photoshoot-1 Audrey-esque-photoshoot-2 Audrey-esque-photoshoot-3

Photographer: Morgan Sette
Stylist: Georgia Hall
Model: Georgia Hall

The ‘Hat’, a classic broad brimmed black hat always adds class to any outfit, this style of head-wear is suited for mostly those woolly winter seasons.
Hat worn with striped long-sleeved shirt, skirt and stockings.

Hat: Sportsgirl
Top: Ladakah
Skirt: Cotton On
Stockings: Sportsgirl

Adelaide Magazine

This year I (Georgia Hall) was fortunate enough to be ‘Assistant Stylist’ for the December Summer Swimwear issue of the Adelaide Magazine.

I worked with
Stylist: Kate Bowden
Photographer: Jody Pachniuk
Makeup & Hair artist: Dale Dorning
Models: Isabella Loxton & Sophie Loxton Adelaide-Magazine-2 Adelaide-Magazine-3 Adelaide-Magazine-4 Adelaide-Magazine-5 Adelaide-Magazine-6

Magazine available now.

ARTICLE: 3 Qs for Georgia Hall


Check out our first featured article on

Thanks to Chanelle Leslie, and while you’re there you may as well have a snoop around her blog – it’s to die for, she’s pretty amazing!

Article here:

3 questions for Georgia Hall

I wanted to throw the spotlight on a few upcoming local bloggers, so I thought I’d start by highlighting new Adelaide blogger Georgia Hall. The 19-year-old is pursuing a career in fashion and journalism and has established FatefulFashion with her Californian friend Alexis.

How did you come up with the idea for FatefulFashion?

I met Alexis, who I’m doing the blog with, in April last year. We were doing a Titanic memorial cruise which did the exact route of the Titanic and arrived in New York, so not the exact route, but we made it. And so the first few days on the boat we sort of kept to ourselves because it was mostly old people on there. And then we were both admiring each other’s’ clothes and then we got talking and we found that we had everything in common, from our inspirations in Audrey and Marilyn to favourite movies and designers … when we both went back home we both kept talking, and we wanted to do something and we thought ‘oh, we’ll move to New York one day and start there’ and we just thought why not start something now. 

What would your greatest achievement be so far in taking those steps toward a career in media?

I think working at the online news website Our World Today. Because I hadn’t started uni then and I got to write straight away and get involved. They had a lot of trust in me, which meant I had a lot of trust in myself then, so I got to grow a lot … that was a great learning curve, and I actually won an award for my writing.

What are the next steps you’re going to take?

I would love to combine fashion and journalism eventually, so I guess it’s just trying to get out there, finding jobs in the field and seeing what suits you.

– All credit to Chanelle Leslie

Thanks for reading Dolls and Lords
Xo Fateful Fashion