Audrey-esque photoshoot

Audrey-esque-photoshoot-1 Audrey-esque-photoshoot-2 Audrey-esque-photoshoot-3

Photographer: Morgan Sette
Stylist: Georgia Hall
Model: Georgia Hall

The ‘Hat’, a classic broad brimmed black hat always adds class to any outfit, this style of head-wear is suited for mostly those woolly winter seasons.
Hat worn with striped long-sleeved shirt, skirt and stockings.

Hat: Sportsgirl
Top: Ladakah
Skirt: Cotton On
Stockings: Sportsgirl

Adelaide Magazine

This year I (Georgia Hall) was fortunate enough to be ‘Assistant Stylist’ for the December Summer Swimwear issue of the Adelaide Magazine.

I worked with
Stylist: Kate Bowden
Photographer: Jody Pachniuk
Makeup & Hair artist: Dale Dorning
Models: Isabella Loxton & Sophie Loxton Adelaide-Magazine-2 Adelaide-Magazine-3 Adelaide-Magazine-4 Adelaide-Magazine-5 Adelaide-Magazine-6

Magazine available now.

ARTICLE: 3 Qs for Georgia Hall


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Thanks to Chanelle Leslie, and while you’re there you may as well have a snoop around her blog – it’s to die for, she’s pretty amazing!

Article here:

3 questions for Georgia Hall

I wanted to throw the spotlight on a few upcoming local bloggers, so I thought I’d start by highlighting new Adelaide blogger Georgia Hall. The 19-year-old is pursuing a career in fashion and journalism and has established FatefulFashion with her Californian friend Alexis.

How did you come up with the idea for FatefulFashion?

I met Alexis, who I’m doing the blog with, in April last year. We were doing a Titanic memorial cruise which did the exact route of the Titanic and arrived in New York, so not the exact route, but we made it. And so the first few days on the boat we sort of kept to ourselves because it was mostly old people on there. And then we were both admiring each other’s’ clothes and then we got talking and we found that we had everything in common, from our inspirations in Audrey and Marilyn to favourite movies and designers … when we both went back home we both kept talking, and we wanted to do something and we thought ‘oh, we’ll move to New York one day and start there’ and we just thought why not start something now. 

What would your greatest achievement be so far in taking those steps toward a career in media?

I think working at the online news website Our World Today. Because I hadn’t started uni then and I got to write straight away and get involved. They had a lot of trust in me, which meant I had a lot of trust in myself then, so I got to grow a lot … that was a great learning curve, and I actually won an award for my writing.

What are the next steps you’re going to take?

I would love to combine fashion and journalism eventually, so I guess it’s just trying to get out there, finding jobs in the field and seeing what suits you.

– All credit to Chanelle Leslie

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