I have come back to the cold harsh reality of winter.

Having two weeks cruising up the coast to Airlie Beach, Cairns and Port Douglas, then soaking up the sun in Mooloolaba really worked well for me.

Most of my holidays have been overseas adventures (not complaining!), so it was nice to see more of Australia and actually relax.  No long haul flights, jet-lag, customs, foreign languages, just sunshine and time to actually chill.

It started off with a week-long cruise on the P&O Pacific Dawn which departed from Brisbane and travelled up north, with a few day trips to the abovementioned locations.  Which included, long lunches with wine, beach walks, market hopping and playing tourist.

The days on board were full of lay-ins, some yoga, dinners (free) and lots of food (but hey that’s what cruising is all about!?).  Partaking in Bingo, laying by the pool, cocktails and listening to the Band.

I’ve done a few cruises before, and had been on the exact boat before so have fond memories, however this time it felt way slower, I made a point of not overcommitting, a recommendation btw.

It’s always bittersweet when a holiday comes to an end. Fortunately, it was only the mid-way point, with a week followed in Mooloolaba catching up with family friends.

Our days consisted of hourly beach works in the morning, breakfast out, window shopping, long dinners with friends and even a day trip to Noosa!

It is a lifestyle I could definitely get used to.

When packing for the trip, I tried to be as minimalist as feasibly possible for me knowing I can outfit repeat quite a bit on-board, then again in Mooloolaba.

I got very inspired by the sea-life and opted for blue outfits on most occasions, my favourite being the two piece wrap and maxi skirt I bought from a Market (Eden of Style) in Port Douglas and absolutely fell in love.  I wore this a couple of times and mixed and matched with pants and different shirts.

I also packed (again a matching set, you know me!) my blue skirt and shirt I bought from Zara a couple of years back! In addition to this and maxi dresses, I packed a few different bather options and loose fitting pants to mix and match with singlets and crops!

If you’ve never cruised before, this is a holiday I could not recommend more, not only is entertainment at your finger-tips, it’s a great way to see Australia and relax with nothing but the ocean surrounding you!

Stay tuned to where I travel next!


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