A wedding with Micahel…Michael Kors that is

A wedding with Micahel…Michael Kors that is

Last Saturday my fiancé and I were invited to a beautiful wedding at a winery in our hometown. To be honest I had been looking forward to it for months because I had never been to a winery and I had never been to a winery wedding. So, I was very excited on how it would be and what to wear.

Before being invited I had made a little bit of a splurge and purchased this Michael by Michael Kors slit maxi skirt. I had no idea where I would wear it to because of the slit I felt that it would be perfect for a casual formal event. Then we get invited to this wedding! I was excited for the type of wedding it was going to be and for finally being able to wear my skirt!

Right when the cashier rung me up at Michael Kors I already knew what I would pair it with. My black asymmetrical ankle strap pumps from ASOS and my white crop top from Cotton On. Now, I know that there are many fashion rules that claim that a shorter girl should not wear a maxi skirt or dress because of the height that they might not pull it off. Instead looking shorter and drowning in it. But, I definitely don’t believe in that at all. I’ve worn maxi skirts ever since they came back in the fashion world and have never felt like it would wear me instead of me wearing it. I believe that with the right shoes and high confidence that you could definitely pull it off. Sometimes not all rules are meant to be followed. Sometimes they’re meant to be broken to come up with a better rule.

xoxo- Alexis

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