Well, what a weird time we are all in right now?!

First of all, I wanted to pop in and say that I hope you are all spreading love (not germs) and staying safe. Just know that even though we are in the middle of the storm right now, there is always a rainbow, and it will be brighter than ever for humanity once we get through this. And we will get through this.

I will start sharing a few things on what I am doing outside of working from home, to keep myself motivated, occupied and productive. I have also started sharing my working from home outfits, because for me getting ready is something I love, and there’s no reason I can’t still put effort in, even if I am just at home, of course with added comfort options!

Fashion is meant to be fun, so use this time to experiment, play with styles and dress up for the sake of it! Please also share your working from home outfits with me, I am always looking for inspiration!

I also wanted to share with you all, a personal side whilst dealing with COVID-19…

You may not be aware, but I I have Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac Disease, in addition to low IgA (which means I have troubles absorbing nutrients). That equates to 3 auto-immune diseases which puts me in the #highrisk and vulnerable category.

I do my part, build my body up with good nutrients and micro-nutrients, exercise and keep my blood sugar levels as regular as can possibly be. I am also staying home, to not put myself at risk.

I also know many others that have compromised health systems which too, makes them vulnerable.

I wanted to put some perspective, there is a huge domino affect happening now, and even though you may not feel as though you are affected, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do your part by staying home, social and physical distancing and isolating where possible, it’s really important to flatten the curve and help health workers do their job and help us in the vulnerable category stay healthy and not impact the health system more than needed.

I’m grateful I have the ability to work from home, my workplace have been incredibly supportive. Plus staying at home isn’t that bad, I’ll be sharing what I am doing to keep busy in my downtime.

Everyone can help. Please follow the advice from the Government, #stayathome and #staysafe.



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