Hello New Year

Hello New Year

Just like pulling out your old diary from High School, gently blowing the dust off

The rush off of nostalgia hits you with a familiar force. It has been just under two years since I’ve properly ‘blogged’.

Between a lack of motivation and extreme lack of travel, the last 2 years have been a whirlwind where my passion to share my fashion and adventures with you has been dormant.

I am a believer in honesty and I could not come here just for the sake of it to share content with you all. But the start of 2022 albeit still a tad slow and uncertain (understatement!) I feel a sense of normality, and most importantly passion to start sharing again.

I can’t say that I am fearless now and ready to catapult in to the world, where every ‘outing’ I fear I have contracted the ‘C’ word, but we can’t live life by the sidelines, I feel it’s time to slowly get back to more livin’.

With that I have a few exciting ventures coming up (well planned).

I am headed to Melbourne for Fashion Week in March! It has been way too long since sitting along side a runway and I am way too excited, of course Melbourne will also be filled with good food and shopping!

There will also be some travel adventures taking place (Australia bound) in April and May (thus far) that I cannot wait to share with you, it’s been a huge void in my life and my sense of adventure could not be stronger!

I am also hoping to work with a few brands this year and increase my exposure – I will keep you updated.

Until next time!


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