Intentions 2019

Intentions 2019

Happy 2019 ladies and gentlemen!

I will keep this brief, but I wanted to wish you all a positively exciting and wonderful year ahead.

I talked about intentions in my Christmas post but wanted to share with you all my top 5 intentions.

I am big on setting small intentions rather than a solid resolution I will be disappointed in myself if I didn’t achieve.

2018 was a big year, personally for me, and I feel as the months went by I got stronger and knew myself more, entering 2019 I felt positive, positive of where I am heading and understanding myself a little more, knowing when I need to check in with myself and track when my thoughts are going crazy.

We live in a very fast past society now, and everyone has a picture in their mind on how their life should be, what I’ve started doing is identified what brings me energy and joy and what detracts that, then planning my days and ultimate my life around that, knowing not to get too far ahead of myself.

Future planning is exciting, but it’s important to not be set on anything where if it weren’t to happen, it would leave you disappointed.

Having goals is an amazing tool, it keeps you accountable and healthily occupied, but being kind on yourself should be the ultimate goal – this can be incorporated in to anything you set your mind to.

Without delaying, here are 5 of my 2019 intentions for myself:

  • 1 – To adopt a healthier /natural lifestyle
  • 2 – To invest more time and focus on creative outlets
  • 3 – To spend more downtime reading (at least one book a month)
  • 4 – To invest more in self-care
  • 5 – To detox from technology on a regular basis

Now you know a little more about me, I want to share a couple of ‘intention goals’ for Fateful Fashion I have for this year:

  • Of course there is some travel plans on the cards, which I will share with you all when the time comes!
  • I intend to create seasonal VLOGs which will be published on my Youtube channel, including everything from fashion, travel and lifestyle – make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any!
  • Fateful Fashion Book Club(s), this year as one of my intentions is to read more, I thought I would include you all in this by sharing with you my ‘book of the month!’ and as an added bonus I will have a special guest sharing her monthly book of choice with you all for the younger generations!  These will be published in my Instagram Story Highlights (@fateful_fashion)!

As myself and Fateful Fashion grow, I want to include you all in my life a bit more, to bring you on my journey.  It’s almost been 6 years of sharing my fashion journey with you all, but there is still a lot you may know not about me.

I hope you are all having a great start to the year and look forward to reflecting as the months pass (specifically in my seasonal VLOGS!).

Thank you for reading.


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