Meet Nikeisha, leading designer of TANOUK – originally from Adelaide she is in the midst of relocating to Perth as well as expanding her brand, we were lucky enough to get to know her process of design and where her inspiration comes from. So far she has been featured on Sportsgirl and numerous blogs after having her clothes worn to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show. (see interview below)

Firstly, how you got started and a bit about yourself?

I have been designing since the age of 16 years old. I am self-taught with guidance from very experienced dressmakers I have worked with over the years.

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I have always been very absorbed in anything to do with fashion. My creative flare combined with my favourite past time (clothing) led me to my absolute dream job – fashion designing.

When did you decide to create your own label?

When my now PR manager El went to MBFWA in Sydney earlier this year in my designs and feat on countless blogs and I was also approached by retail buyers regarding my designs! I felt that I was obviously filling some kind of gap in the market and that people wanted more of what I had to offer – that’s when I established Tanouk!

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Having to work full time and establishing my business/Tanouk – thankfully I have very supportive friends and family

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What has been the biggest success to come out of this?

Tanouk Feat on Sportsgirl for street style of the week and on some awesome blogs – including ‘FatefulFashion’

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Had you always desired to have a career in Fashion?

When I completed school I did not intend on going into the fashion industry and decided on going into Allied Health, a very big contrast from designing.

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Your designs are very fashion forward and very different to what’s around, what makes you different and where do you get your inspiration from?

To stand out in the crowd you need to be unique and I guess that’s what my designs are… I am not one to follow a trend.

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What does the future look like for Tanouk?

BIG – I hope! The only way to reach your goals is to set them high I believe. The only way to find out where Tanouk will be is to watch the space –

Lastly, where can we get it!!

Tanouk will be stocked in selective boutiques TBA, or you will find our garments on the Estore – Pre Sales commence in September. You will need to get in quick as there is very limited stock for the first collection!

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