We got approached by J.J. Threads a little while ago  who are a unique Men’s store based in New York who focus purely on tailor made fashion.

They are an innovating shirting company on the boarder of fashion and technology, creating shirts that are made for you, literally.

By logging in you become the designer, with the freedom to customize fabrics and fits. It is a revolutionary form of online shopping.  Founder J.J. built a digital space that gives drive to the customer, J.J says  “We don’t ask people to conform to what our design team thinks is the best style.”  J.J. Wich launched the company after being involved in the custom shirting and tailoring game whilst in Hong Long and has made it his mission to provide the same attention to detail through his website. There are two ways that customers can experience J.J. Threads’s approach to finding the best fit for each individual. First, there are the four standardized sizing options available: Slim Fit, Athletic Fit, Regular Fit, and Gentleman’s Fit. For customers who want a highly individualized fit, there is also a made-to-measure option, where customers are walked through a seven-step process before submitting their measurements, ensuring that your new J.J. shirt will fit your body like it was made specifically for you, because, well, it was.

To get your perfectly fitted shirt head to their online store here and get whisked away in the world of fine fitting shirts.

“I want J.J. Threads to be more than just a shopping site, I want it to be a vibrant community and a fun experience, one that reflects the products we offer.” J.J Wich says.



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