Once upon a time… I was celeb spotting and eating my way around California.

Now I am all settled settle back in to routine I have had to the chance to reflect on my escape to California!

I headed to La La Land early Feb to be there for the 92nd Academy Awards (see pervious post: https://fatefulfashion.com/academy-awards-2020/), where I stayed at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt and was reunited with my fateful fashion bestie!

As soon as we arrived it was go-go-go, no time for Jetlag! But before we get in to what I did, where I went, I wanted to share some of my packing advice!

It’s always hard when travelling, especially when you will be attending events and dressing up on numerous occasions to pack light, however it was my number #1 priority in an endeavour to be more sustainable and minimalistic.

I broke down my itinerary and first off listed the items I wanted and had to wear to certain occasions (i.e. The Audrey Dress by Georgy Collection for the Academy Awards at the Hollywood Roosevelt, and my hot pink ByJohnny dress that I could not wait to gallivant in, in Malibu!). There is also a huge stigma on #outfitrepeating, however I tried to embrace this, because if it is so damn nice, why not wear it twice!?

Once I knew what main events I had specific looks/outfits for, I got down to the basics and made sure to match out combo’s with different days so I would wear them multiple times! I am very proud to say there wasn’t one thing I didn’t wear, or wear twice for that matter! You may have identified some looks I re-wore or mixed and matched on social media, but if I can give any tip, it would be to plan ahead as much as possible to ensure you don’t over pack (it’s so easy to do!), travelling lighter is not only better for the environmental but easier to get around, unpack and to choose outfits for the day! Sometimes, having less definitely streamlines your life more, taking out the overwhelming factor of ‘what do I wear!?’.  I have recentlyfinished a HUGE wardrobe clean out, which I will cover in a post to come!

Other little tips on being sustainable are: Shampoo/Condition Bars/your own water bottle/not using hotel complimentary items, such as shampoo/conditioner, turning the light off in your hotel and so on, the list goes on and on. There are plenty of ways to be less wasteful when travelling!

Now to what I did, and where I went!

Los Angeles:


Pump Restaurant (for celeb spotting!)

Sur Restaurant (for fine dining)

TomTom (for cocktails)

Mastro’s (for italian)

Mama Shelter (for views over brunch)


Hollywood Roosevelt



The Grove/Farmers Market

Vanderpump Dogs



Rodeo Drive (for high end fashion)

Walk of Fame (for touristy items)

The Grove (to feel like you’re in Paris)



The Farm (for Mexican)

Nobu (for an experience on Japanese cuisine)


Malibu Beach Inn


Malibu Wine Safari

Beach Walk

San Francisco


Bubba Gump’s Shrimp

Swiss Louis Restaurant

Franciscan Crab Restaurant

Hard Rock Cafe


Hotel Zephyr



Pier 39

Hop on/Hop off

Pink Ladies

Golden Gate Bridge

Art Galleries down by the Pier


Pier 39 (for all your souvenir needs)

As crazy as Hollywood and America is compared to Australia, it’s always a fun time and I am already planning my next trip back!

Please share your tips on sustainable travel, and travel advice for California – I would love to hear it!

Until then, I’ll see you again, City of Lights..



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