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That sounds way to futuristic to be real. Yet here we are.

I took January off from posting on this platform to re-set, reflect and set my intentions for this year and decade. This however is a work in progress and will complement the ebbs and flows of life.

One major focus both professionally and personally is sustainability, not only how I can lead a more conscious life but how I can use my platform to lead with sustainability and encompass this in everyday life.

I already have a few plans underway and I cannot wait to share these with you all, in due time, however what you will notice more of is the natural incorporation of this focus and effort throughout my posts.

The fashion world is increasingly building on this important cause of environmentalism, being a large consumer to this effect, I am genuinely excited to see where this transcends within this decade.

Another focus is ensuring my values meet my actions, to continuously build my platform against the true nature of my beliefs and the values I uphold, for it to represent quality over quantity and authenticity.

As I share this, I am preparing for my first adventure of 2020 and headed to Los Angeles for the 92nd Academy Awards which I will again be covering live from the Roosevelt.  I will take you on a journey with me through the electrifying LA, calm Malibu and happening San Francisco.

I hope you have all had a present start to the decade and look forward to sharing my journey with you all.


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