As of very recently, I have not only started to become more conscious of individuals impact on the environment, but also, acting on those thoughts.

By no means am I 100% sustainable, however I am increasingly passionate about the small steps, adaptions and changes, we as humans can make.

As such, I have decided to make the switch to beauty products that are cruelty free, clean and sustainable.  I have done my research and settled on Bare Minerals.

Bare Minerals

Who “believe every little choice we make has the power to create a big difference. As the creators of clean, natural makeup, we’re here to help you take care of your skin, your beauty, and your sense of wellbeing through the little choices you make every day. To bring you makeup that’s full of what’s good, and free of what harms. We also want to share a bigger sense of purpose that goes beyond makeup. We believe that the world is full of opportunity and free of limitations. That’s why we’re on a mission to help you, your community and the world around you feel the power of good.

When you choose clean beauty products, you’re being good to your skin and the environment. Your decisions have an outward effect: even the smallest ones can impact your community and the world beyond it. That’s why we choose to be good, to make a difference in others’ lives, and to effect real change.”

I have started with a few products, I have naturally dryer skin so have opted for hydrating products and I didn’t want to post this until I can truthfully say they have been tried and tested.  Honestly, every morning it feels like I am having a facial, the notion of moisturising and the scents stop me in my tracks and prompt me to be present during this ritual.

As for the foundation It is light, yet provides great coverage.  I bought all these products from Mecca in Rundle Mall.  The staff there are so informative and helpful, they also will be able to help you choose clean products, or vegan, or any to your liking.

I have also chosen a Contour stick from Westman Atelier

Who “believe in consciously crafted beauty. That means luxurious, effortlessly beautiful makeup formulated with clean ingredients and no-compromises integrity. It means balancing perfect shades and buttery textures that melt into the skin with plant-based actives and cutting-edge science. And it means a passionate commitment to researching and reassessing our ingredients as new information comes to light.”

If you think about it, consciously choosing your beauty products for the better of the environment is a really easy step to take, or even researching the brands you are currently using to see what they may already be doing.

There are also many, many forums/blogs online that can assist with your search.

Of course, the world of beauty is not the only way to help and do your part, you can buy a metal straw, refuse single use plastics, get a keep cup, walk instead of drive when you can and stop to appreciate the world around us.  It may inspire you to live a more conscious life.

As stated, I am not plastic free, nor am I living 100% sustainably, however I am becoming more and more conscious of my actions, and it is the least I can do.


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