Following on from my last two posts, I have promised to not only share my take on wardrobe sustainability, but it is also a perfect post/activity for those of you at a loss of things to do, during this trying time.

Earlier this year, I completely culled my wardrobe.  Focusing more on ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’ to complement switching gears and acting more sustainably and conscious when it comes to fashion.

I went through EVERYTHING, down to my socks! And had segregated piles:

  1. Keep as current
  2. Donate
  3. Ditch (last resort)
  4. Compress

I wanted to make sure what I had available in my wardrobe reflected my style and made it simpler when choosing outfits (which it has!).

I have put 50% of my wardrobe in compressed bags, downsized my ‘current wardrobe’ and I feel instantly calmer because of it.

The 50% put away, are items I still love, but won’t see myself wearing as much of this year. Think of how joyful it will be come January 1st 2021 opening the hidden half of my wardrobe to review what I want as my ‘current’ for 2021. It’s a present for my future self!

Not only does this have it’s obvious instant benefits, but long lasting too!

Instead of donating and buying replacement clothes, I am consciously shopping in my own wardrobe, I can clearly see what I have and know that when buying,  I have more clothes temporarily stored away that I will get to browse from soon enough!

Now when purchasing I am choosing quality over quantity, I understand not everyone has the means to do so, but if you are buying a piece of clothing that is made to last, it will!


How I did it?

Go through section by section, separate in to the 4 piles and make sure you are putting away more than you are keeping. Also move things around in your wardrobe, relocating and redecorating what you already have available gives you a fresh feeling without spending unnecessarily!

P.s I am also using the Marie Kondo folding technique (definitely recommended).

While the majority of us are self-isolating, this is the perfect time to re-asses your wardrobe and have it reflect the you that is now! It’s also something for the whole family, and has it’s instant proven benefits to bring a calmness once completed!.

Start your spring cleaning in Isolation!


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