All rugged up!

All rugged up!

Now, it may not seem like it today, but for us Aussie’s winter is just around the corner, and a huge thanks to these two beauties for helping me model some easy winter looks.

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love winter, and fashion is one of the major reasons why.

Firstly, how cute do they look?
Ella and Alana Glapa, showing off their cousingly bond!

If you’re like me and think as soon as the season changes, so should your wardrobe, well it doesn’t have to.  Yes it’s healthy now and then to update your wardrobe for whatever reason that may be, but if you are on a budget or don’t have any room left in your closet then it’s important to make use of what you already have!

In the first look, Ella left is wearing a simple maroon cardigan, grey staple tee, black jeans, black boots, grey beanie and a patterned scarf, it may seem like a lot of items but i’m pretty sure everyone would have a pair of jeans, a t shirt and a cardigan they can team together.  Now if that’s too boring for you, that’s where scarves and beanies come in!

They showcase any outfit, and they can be really, really cheap! In fact the beanie Ella is wearing I got free in a magazine! Alana is wearing similar, grey staple tee, this time maroon jeans and scarf, again with black boots and a patterned beanie.

So this winter people, get around scarves and beanies, and other wintry accessories  they will save you a fortune and can serve for multiple purposes, i.e. bad hair days + beanie = problem solved!

All-rugged-up-2 All-rugged-up-3

In the second look, I chose to feature jumpers!
Who doesn’t love a good winter jumper, and the ones the girls are wearing are some of my fav!
Alana, wearing white jumper and beanie, the look is so effortless yet is so flattering, the white against her skin tone and hair goes so well, and Ella, in the red and stripe again works for her, and it can work for you too!

I love whites in winter, and I also love incorporating colors, to contrast the weather.  Most people usually only wear jumpers during the day, where they can be dressed up too for going out! whether it’s with some leggings, heels or jeans and heels, this winter – invest in jumpers! you can’t go wrong, or go through the jumpers you already have, you may be pleasantly surprised with your findings.
I have a huge collection of jumpers and I swear by them, when you’re stuggling with what to wear, chuck on a jumper and your outfit is set!

All-rugged-up-6 All-rugged-up-7 All-rugged-up-8 All-rugged-up-9

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, as much as we did taking them, and have got some inspiration for winter!
Stay warm, stay stylish

Xo Fateful Fashion


Alana Glapa
Ella Glapa
Georgia Hall
Georgia Rees

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