London Men’s Fashion Week SS14

Boy, do we have a lot in store for you this evening, not one, not two, but three straight from the runway clips at the London Men’s Fashion Week.

First up we have Savile Row & St James, showing us how to really wear a suit. Our next stop is to the ever-pleasing Rag & Bone and for the final act, Hackett London bring a very french inspired, semi formal day wear. Which we just love!


Xo Fateful Fashion

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Topman MFW London SS14

Topman design bring their all to the beginning of Men’s Fashion Week London

Men, it’s time to tune in.

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It’s too cold for this



Today, my beautiful friend Morgan Sette helped with taking some photos for us and ultimately you!
The saying rain, hail or snow clearly applied today

Ah, the things we do for fashion!


Winter is the best time to experiment with your personal style, for me, I do just that, from layering up jackets and pants, to the short and stocking combo like I did today, all the way to winter dresses.
There’s so much to choose from when it comes to winter style, the world of fashion is at your disposal.

With my look, it was quite straight forward actually, a pair of winter-like shorts (which just means thick) although, you could try it with any shorts really. A thick jumper, stockings, boots and to touch it off a beanie.


All of these are just the ground work, you can pick any jumper, any shorts, any stockings and any beanie, the trick is working with the same color tone, so when choosing a beanie from my beloved beanie collection I went with a dark red knit as it complimented with the shorts and both had a dusky like appearance.’


This winter, try something you haven’t before – fashion wise, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

In the meantime you can admire Morgan’s camera work – she’s pretty spectacular!

Xo Fateful Fashion

Black & White

Who doesn’t love a good black & white combo – it’s one of our favorite couples, they fit so perfectly together. That’s why in this shoot we decided to keep the photos black and white, because we love the classics!

A few snippets from a shoot we did not too long ago, featuring the long white shirt and stripped shirt, an easy way to wear either, keeping it casual and fresh, easy to layer upon!

Model: Georgia Hall
Photographer: Morgan Sette
Stylist: Georgia Hall

Wearing Miss Shop white shirt and Ladakah stripped shirt.

Black-and-White-2 Black-and-White-3 Black-and-White-4

One stop makeover

I took my cousin Zac shopping for a quick wardrobe update, like most guys he didn’t want to spend much and I knew it would have to be a short shopping trip otherwise I would bore him to death.
We went to Zara, and he bought 3 shirts, one including this suit shirt he is wearing (on the right).

What I love about this shirt is it can be worn casually, semi formally and formally. He teamed it with these brown pants which were his own and kept it simple.

One thing I found while shopping for a guy is the fit of the clothes, with girls there are many different fits and styles that may suit one person perfectly but become unflattering on another body shape.

With Zac, as he is fairly tall and slender we chose tops in a smaller fitted size that help proportion his body.

If you want any tips for how to shop for a boy or you have any for us, please feel free to message us on our Facebook Page or directly on the blog.

Xo, Fateful Fashion

The Lilah

This afternoon we took little Lilah – four years old (not so little I suppose, and she acts like a 12 year old) shopping.  We headed to Burnside and went straight to Zara and never left.

Each outfit came to about 70 odd dollars, some a bit more including the jackets etc, but we found it reasonably priced and got some adorable outfits that I warn you to brace yourself for.

She was an angel shopping and a natural born model, it was a great experience for all not only did Lilah have fun but so did we!

Seeing her in some of these outfits makes me want to take a trick or two out of her book.

‘Summer fun’ look
a simple dress and my favorite sandals, simple yet super fun and the sandals can be worn with almost any clothing to add extra flare too!


‘Winter Wonderland’ look – as Lilah would say
This one was one of my favorite looks, I just love the faux fur coat worn with the pink leggings and boots. An extremely practical yet stylish look for winter.


‘back from a big day at work’ Look – again Lilah’s words.
This is one of the outfits I fell in love with, the simple white shirt and navy pants teamed with a trench coat that will come in very handy this winter.
And the bag, well that speaks for itself.


‘Little Audrey’ Look
My absolute favorite look that I want to steal, by now her confidence was through the roof and I didn’t need to ask her to pose, like I said she is a natural, and looks adorable in this white dress teamed with black boots and stockings, easy to put on and easy to accessories.


I hope you’ve enjoyed Lilah’s newly updated wardrobe, and if you need any assistance styling, shopping and photographing your child, we will be more than happy to do so.