PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022

I finally had my return to Melbourne Fashion Festival! The PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival was everything my dreams could have envisioned.

This was the first time I had left the state in 2 years, adrenaline, excitement, anxiety, anticipation, nostalgia were just some of the emotions running through my veins.

Alas, it felt good to be back.

Friday we checked in to the Adelphi Hotel, a boutique hotel in the heart of Melbourne’s laneways. It was the perfect backdrop for our weekend getaway, we had some time before dinner so we headed to Gucci (when in Rome* (*Melbourne)) and then had some champagne in our room whilst we got ready for our first show! But first, we hit up Bar Bambi for dinner and drinks before galivanting off to the Runway 5: First Nations Runway.

Before I get in to the details of the Runway itself, I thought I would share my outfit details, I had one factor I had to make work, which caused limitations.  I had surgery on my right ankle in October last year and therefore I did not have much flexibility (no pun intended) on footwear.  The second factor was to not buy anything new.  As someone who is become increasingly aware and active about our own individual environmentalism impacts, I still battle with wanting something fresh and new as fashion is a huge part of my identity, but I thought this was the perfect occasion to make what I could work with my existing wardrobe.

Of course there are exceptions to all “rules”, and one lust item I had on my list was a Gucci belt, when I do buy something new, I always make sure I can rattle off outfits and occasions this would get wear out of, of course buying something like a Gucci belt, I knew this would be something that I would never part with and is a quality item that would have a permanent place in my wardrobe.

For the Friday night, I wore one of my favourites, a Tartan Maxi Skirt (Zara), with a black turtleneck (Ralph Lauren), paired with my Combat Boots (Steve Madden) and my Gucci Belt (I just couldn’t wait).


The Runway itself was presented on the land of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, and exhibited some of the very best, and emerging First Nations Designers, with music by the ever-talented signer-songwriter Maanyung.  I have never felt more overcome with emotions from witnessing a fashion show than I did once the following designers paraded their proudest pieces.

  • MAARA Collective
  • Liandra Swim
  • Yanggurdi
  • Amber Days
  • Ngarru Miimi
  • Kirrikin
  • Wa-Ring


It was a show, I instantly craved more for, and designers that instantly became targets on my radar, if there is one show to go to in an Australian Fashion Festival, it’s one put on by First Nations Designers, their raw talent, cultural history, and pride that flowed through their designs was unlike anything I had every experienced.

And we have only just began.

Saturday, we headed to the Chanel Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (more on this in a separate post to come), which naturally transitioned in to lunch at probably one of the best restaurants in Melbourne: Chin Chin.

There was enough food consumed, to have us fuelled for days to come.

That night, we headed to the Closing Ceremony of PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022, and it did not disappoint.  I decided to bring a bit more colour to tonights look, at was the theme, so I paired my Pink Knit Mini Skirt (Zara) with a Red Knit (Shein) I just love a pink and red moment, with again my Black Combat Boots and black stockings.

Held at the Margaret Court Arena, you could tell it was set to be a theatrical experience. As Melbourne’s’ Fashionable elite entered the ground, you could instantly feel the creative connection binding everyone, it was as if a everyone had received a new lease on their creative life and were bursting to be there.

As we took our places around the court, where some of the greats played, our Australian’ great designers were about to come out to play.  There was no shortage of entertainment by Vera Blue who graced the floor in-between runways, and of course the designers did not disappoint, it was so great to see Designers I have followed for years, in amongst new designers that were truly out to win with their designers, the designers who presented at the Closing Runway were:

  • Carla Zampatti
  • Romance Was Born
  • Mariam Seddiq
  • Paolo Sebastian
  • Strateas Carlucci
  • JasonGrech
  • Cappellazzo
  • Leo Lin
  • Myami


The rest of our Melbourne trip was filled with walking around laneways, good food, good drinks and even better ambiance. I am busting to get to back, what an emergence to return to Melbourne for Fashion Week.

Let’s hope it isn’t too long between visits



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