As promised, I am excited to share with you all another collaboration I did to celebrate Fateful Fashion’s 5th Anniversary.

This time, I got a sneak peak of the Georgy collection and got the opportunity to ask them a few questions.


The husband/wife team have become an international sensation with some of their designs featured on the likes of Jlo.

If you haven’t already heard of the ‘brand to know’ check out my interview below and get to know a bit more about the duo who are taking on the world and proudly one of Adelaide’s own.

Jlo Ares 1


Who are the faces behind the brand? – Georgy Collection is a husband and wife team.

Georgina is the designer and Paul runs the business and sales/marketing side of things.

What is story behind the name?

The name is just the nickname of Georgina – “Georgy” and given it’s a collective of her designs we called it Georgy Collection.

What is something we can expect from Georgy’s new collection?

Our new collection is called ‘True Romance’ – And romantic is how women will feel, as this range will feature florals, frills
and lace.

Gold Hera Jumpsuit

Gold Hera


What is one goal in the next 5 years you wish to achieve?

We would like to become a go to brand for anyone looking for event wear.

What is something you want readers to know about Georgy?

Georgina doesn’t have a team of designers, all her pieces are designed personally. She is also seamstress.

What has been the biggest highlight of Georgy to date?

It’s no secret that we were extremely excited about Jennifer Lopez wearing our Artemis dress at her ‘All I have’ concert in Vegas… But when she wore another one of our pieces (the White Ares dress) a week later and posted it on her own Instagram page, it was surreal. More recently, Australia’s leading stylist Lana Wilkinson wore a piece (the Chantelle dress) from our upcoming True Romance collection at our local Oaks Day racing event. The hype and buzz that Lana created was absolutely crazy!

Lana (Chantelle) 1

Lana (Chantelle) 2

Aside from the new collection, what is something we can expect to see from Georgy in the near future?

We will look to start bringing out other fashion accessories such as eyewear, bags
etc as we want Georgy to become a one stop fashion destination.

What is one lesson you wish to pass on to aspiring fashion creatives?

You will get advice from many different people. You can’t please them all. Just do you!

What has been the most challenging obstacle in starting Georgy?

As with most startups, the amount of work required for such a small team is very challenging. There are no days off, so I guess keeping up with the amount of work required is the most challenging task at this stage.

What is the most rewarding part of Georgy and your journey to date?

Seeing women all over the world dressed in Georgy

Blanca Blanco Hera 1

Photo credit: Georgy Collection

Thanks again Paul & Georgina for this opportunity, look forward to seeing more of your success to come!



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