Introducing Chelsea Hall

Introducing Chelsea Hall

This beautiful girl here is my cousin, she has wanted to be a model for as long as I can recall, doing her first Modelling course at the age of 6.


Not only has she grown up, but so has her passion for the modelling industry and fashion, this post is dedicated to her, to show her off to the world!

Chelsea has a big heart and big dreams, and I am so unconditionally proud of how far she has come, she really has grown in to a beautiful young lady.

She describes her fashion style as comfortable, fashionable and likes finding clothes that suit her body shape, with her Fashion Icon as Lauren Conrad, she is  inspired by her style and loves keeping up to date and experimenting with trends.


Not only is she a stunner, but she is funny, silly and loves to play dress ups!

At the age of 17, almost 18 she is in her final year of high school, loves horse riding, shopping and hanging out with her friends.


Keep an eye out for Chelsea in the modelling world, who knows where she could end up!



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