It’s too cold for this

It’s too cold for this



Today, my beautiful friend Morgan Sette helped with taking some photos for us and ultimately you!
The saying rain, hail or snow clearly applied today

Ah, the things we do for fashion!


Winter is the best time to experiment with your personal style, for me, I do just that, from layering up jackets and pants, to the short and stocking combo like I did today, all the way to winter dresses.
There’s so much to choose from when it comes to winter style, the world of fashion is at your disposal.

With my look, it was quite straight forward actually, a pair of winter-like shorts (which just means thick) although, you could try it with any shorts really. A thick jumper, stockings, boots and to touch it off a beanie.


All of these are just the ground work, you can pick any jumper, any shorts, any stockings and any beanie, the trick is working with the same color tone, so when choosing a beanie from my beloved beanie collection I went with a dark red knit as it complimented with the shorts and both had a dusky like appearance.’


This winter, try something you haven’t before – fashion wise, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

In the meantime you can admire Morgan’s camera work – she’s pretty spectacular!

Xo Fateful Fashion


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