The Lilah

The Lilah

This afternoon we took little Lilah – four years old (not so little I suppose, and she acts like a 12 year old) shopping.  We headed to Burnside and went straight to Zara and never left.

Each outfit came to about 70 odd dollars, some a bit more including the jackets etc, but we found it reasonably priced and got some adorable outfits that I warn you to brace yourself for.

She was an angel shopping and a natural born model, it was a great experience for all not only did Lilah have fun but so did we!

Seeing her in some of these outfits makes me want to take a trick or two out of her book.

‘Summer fun’ look
a simple dress and my favorite sandals, simple yet super fun and the sandals can be worn with almost any clothing to add extra flare too!


‘Winter Wonderland’ look – as Lilah would say
This one was one of my favorite looks, I just love the faux fur coat worn with the pink leggings and boots. An extremely practical yet stylish look for winter.


‘back from a big day at work’ Look – again Lilah’s words.
This is one of the outfits I fell in love with, the simple white shirt and navy pants teamed with a trench coat that will come in very handy this winter.
And the bag, well that speaks for itself.


‘Little Audrey’ Look
My absolute favorite look that I want to steal, by now her confidence was through the roof and I didn’t need to ask her to pose, like I said she is a natural, and looks adorable in this white dress teamed with black boots and stockings, easy to put on and easy to accessories.


I hope you’ve enjoyed Lilah’s newly updated wardrobe, and if you need any assistance styling, shopping and photographing your child, we will be more than happy to do so.


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