Intentions 2019

Happy 2019 ladies and gentlemen!

I will keep this brief, but I wanted to wish you all a positively exciting and wonderful year ahead.

I talked about intentions in my Christmas post but wanted to share with you all my top 5 intentions.

I am big on setting small intentions rather than a solid resolution I will be disappointed in myself if I didn’t achieve.

2018 was a big year, personally for me, and I feel as the months went by I got stronger and knew myself more, entering 2019 I felt positive, positive of where I am heading and understanding myself a little more, knowing when I need to check in with myself and track when my thoughts are going crazy.

We live in a very fast past society now, and everyone has a picture in their mind on how their life should be, what I’ve started doing is identified what brings me energy and joy and what detracts that, then planning my days and ultimate my life around that, knowing not to get too far ahead of myself.

Future planning is exciting, but it’s important to not be set on anything where if it weren’t to happen, it would leave you disappointed.

Having goals is an amazing tool, it keeps you accountable and healthily occupied, but being kind on yourself should be the ultimate goal – this can be incorporated in to anything you set your mind to.

Without delaying, here are 5 of my 2019 intentions for myself:

  • 1 – To adopt a healthier /natural lifestyle
  • 2 – To invest more time and focus on creative outlets
  • 3 – To spend more downtime reading (at least one book a month)
  • 4 – To invest more in self-care
  • 5 – To detox from technology on a regular basis

Now you know a little more about me, I want to share a couple of ‘intention goals’ for Fateful Fashion I have for this year:

  • Of course there is some travel plans on the cards, which I will share with you all when the time comes!
  • I intend to create seasonal VLOGs which will be published on my Youtube channel, including everything from fashion, travel and lifestyle – make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any!
  • Fateful Fashion Book Club(s), this year as one of my intentions is to read more, I thought I would include you all in this by sharing with you my ‘book of the month!’ and as an added bonus I will have a special guest sharing her monthly book of choice with you all for the younger generations!  These will be published in my Instagram Story Highlights (@fateful_fashion)!

As myself and Fateful Fashion grow, I want to include you all in my life a bit more, to bring you on my journey.  It’s almost been 6 years of sharing my fashion journey with you all, but there is still a lot you may know not about me.

I hope you are all having a great start to the year and look forward to reflecting as the months pass (specifically in my seasonal VLOGS!).

Thank you for reading.

Christmas 2018

And just like that, another year gone…but not forgotten.

2018 was a big one and before it disappears for good, I like to take this opportunity to reflect.

As always, the ‘resolutions’ we make don’t always seem to happen, as a result we feel guilt instead of assessing why.

Is it that you didn’t achieve X,Y, Z because you were too busy – what were you too busy doing, is that an unknown achievement that deserves some recognition – most likely.

I am a big believer in setting out goals for the year and this year I changed it up, instead of having a few resolutions, I made a list of intentions.

And I have to say, most of them I achieved, those I didn’t.  Well they were only intentions, and I intend on achieving them next year.  I will talk more about this and what 2019 is going to look like in my next post.

But for now, it’s a time to reflect on what was.

Focus on the good, and accept the bad – but don’t dwell on it.

We are a negative-bias society and will feel more emotions towards the bad times of 2018 then the positive energy all the good things brought.

One thing I do every year, around this time is write a list of all the things I am proud of for the year, these can be as little as decluttering your wardrobe in January or eliminating one toxin from your life, adding a new value or recognising your values.  Spending more time getting to know yourself, these are big achievements that help shape you and your life in to the best version it can be.

For some reason, the festive time, even though it is intended to bring joy, it can bring on other emotions, and if I have learnt anything this year, it is about acknowledging your emotions, trying to identify the cause and letting yourself feel that emotion, knowing it will pass.

However you are feeling during this festive time,  I challenge you to enter it with gratitude.

Gratitude of another year, no matter how hard it has been.

Gratitude of the people in your life, even though you may have lost some.

Gratitude of your health, even though there may be areas to improve or even if it isn’t perfect.

Gratitude for all those times you went out of your comfort zone, you challenged your fears and defeated the odds.

I am grateful, I am grateful for all of you who are reading this now, grateful for what this year has brought, and grateful for my growth and look forward to another year full of growth and prosperity.

So in the midst of this chaotic time, spent with family, friends and loved ones. Reflect.  Reflect on the moments where you felt proud. Reflect on Gratitude.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

See you in 2019.

TEXAS 2018

It’s hard to comprehend that just over a month ago I was coming back from my Texan adventure in the US of A.

Started in Nashville, ended in Dallas and in between ate fried chicken, sung country tunes and rode horseback in the Dallas countryside – does it get any more Texan?

For those of you who lived vicariously through my trip on social media, or those who are planning one to the Southern States of ‘Merica, here is my itinerary and must do’s!


Our first stop of our journey, brought with a little adventure accessing our Airbnb but after that Nashville brought instant entertainment and a lot of history.


  • Johnny Cash Museum
  • Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Grand Ole Opry and catch a show
  • Visit the ‘cowboy boot’ stores
  • Broadway and hit up as many bars blasting country music as you can!
  • Draper James – 12th Avenue (get your photo in front of the mural and Reese Witherspoon may even like your photo!)


  • Jason Aldeans (best wings!)
  • Claim Jumper (Pizza)

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


We drove the crazy freeway from one music city to the next for the main mission of visiting the one, the only  – the King!

Tip: stop at the roadhouses! Not only do they offer every single variety of snack, the people there are unlike anyone you have ever encountered before, and make for funny travel stories.


  • Graceland – if you are an Elvis fan this I cannot recommend enough – I spent 8 hours there, and had an even further re-found respect for ‘the King’. One for the bucket list for sure!
  • Elvis Presley souvenir stores – avoid the expensive ‘official’ stores and head to one of the thousand cheapies to deck out your Elvis shrine
  • Sun Studios – nothing felt more surreal than standing where the greats have stood (Elvis/Johnny Cash etc) I could still hear their strumming – also the tour guide was unreal!
  • Memphis Tigers game – the most atmospherical game I have ever been too, complete entertainment to keep you busy without a wing or moment to spare
  • Beale Street – Blues City baby


  • Hardrock Café – you just have to do it!
  • EP’s diner (Guest House at Graceland) – The burger with the classic EP sauce (Elvis Presley sauce)


With a quick stop on the way to break up our journey across America. We arrived in to Houston – which has one of the biggest (albeit Dallas) freeway system to make any tourist shake in their cowboy boots.

Tip: road tripping from Memphis to Houston, we stopped at Shreveport and stayed at Boomtown, for a cheap night’s stay – I would recommend this little gem in between freeways, again the people made it! It’s crazy how from one state to another, the culture changes rapidly.


  • NASA Space Station – as a Science nerd this was a huge bucket list item for me.  I was expecting to be able to go in to the offices and start working (disclosure: that isn’t allowed apparently). Aside from that the enormity of the Space Crafts is one you need to experience to understand the magnitude of not only this world but the universe.
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science – again nerd here – they had Dinosaurs!
  • Houston cinema- I am that cliché, that when visiting the Nasa Space Station I had to go see the new movie ‘First Man’ which was unbelievable and fitting.  For anyone wanting to know the history of what went in to the Apollo mission with the beauty of Ryan Gosling – this is for you.


  • Mall – Italian  (the Red Wine/Caprese Salad & Pizza!)


We went to Austin for the Formula One, which was an amazing experience (minus the bus journeys to the circuit, in terms of touristy attractions – we didn’t tick a huge amount off but I do have a few recommendations for you.


  • Murals – One thing I found with most places we went to was the street art, and not just any art – these were masterpieces! Definitely worth tracking done and getting some snaps in front of.
  • Side Street Pubs – Austin was very alive at 5pm and we found every corner had a pub, decked with benches, even fires with the football playing (of course). It’s a great way to get to know a city by sharing a drink with the locals.


  • Fried Chicken – You just have to!
  • Any café  – dogs everywhere!


It was pouring on our drive from Austin – Waco – Dallas. But I had to stop at Magnolia Market at the Silos – unfortunately no Chip & Jo but a damn good cookie!

To let my cowboy dreams be set free – Dallas was the place for me.


  • Dallas Farmers Markets – it was October, there was a pumpkin patch, I bout Cowboy boots – is there anything else more to say?
  • Deep Ellum – Bar central!
  • SouthFork – I never saw the show Dallas but now I want to, I also want to live on a Ranch.  Okay I want to live on that Ranch.  Not only was it absolutely picturesque, to make it more perfect we rode horseback across the acreage. Yep. I want a Ranch.

  • JFK Museum – a self-guided tour to give you the full history of the assassination of John F Kennedy.  What a tribute. Definitely recommend for all you history/politics buffs
  • Gun Range – When in Texas right? This experience is like no other.  Not only are they may more relaxed than in Australia, they have way more weapons (the bigger, the scarier?)
  • Fortworth Stockyards – Confession: I’ve always wanted that true western experience.  Fortworth gave that to me.  Not only is it ‘old’ texas, it has a Cattle Drive down the pebbled main street.  A petting zoo and old saloons – it is worth the day trip!


  • Iron Cactus – Mexicana heaven!
  • Five Sixty – Wolfgang Puck at Reunion Tower – a full 360 view of Dallas with fine dining – perfect way to end our trip!

Overall, it was everything I had expected and more, nothing disappointed.

They say it is all bigger and better in Texas – and that is not a lie.

However, what you may not realise is the niceties that follow the ‘country’ way of life, people aren’t as stressed, more welcomed to help and just want to share their story (even if it is recommended their version of the best fried chicken).

I keep getting asked, what my highlight of the trip was, but I can’t pick one, this was a very different holiday to my previous ones and each place brought fond memories and unique experiences that are incomparable.

If you’re up for it, go big in Texas – you won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading ya’ll!


Last weekend I headed up to McLaren Vale for a ‘Staycation’ girls weekend.

It was my friend’s birthday and we decided what better way to celebrate than to dress up and visit wineries!

I had never been to a ‘wine tasting’ before so was really excited!

On the Saturday we went to The d’Arenberg Cube and d’Arrys Verandah Restaurant where we had a DECLIOUS lunch followed by a tour in the Cube and wine tasting on the top floor overlooking the beautiful roaming fields of wineries that preside in McLaren Vale.

I am a huge fan of getaways yet have barely seen my own home town and all the beauty that resides there.  I am a huge fan of South Australia so it was great to get a glimpse of what McLaren Vale held.

On Sunday we went to Maxwell Winery and got lost in the Maze, which was then followed by another DELICIOUS lunch – Pizza at the famous Pizzateca.

As this was my first wine experience, I wanted to ensure I dressed the part, being August the weather is normally chilly however we got spoilt rotten with nothing but sunshine.

I opted for a black knit and leopard skirt, complete with ankle boots. I wanted to be comfortable, yet at the same time step out of my comfort zone as I am not a huge wearer or leopard print or maxi skirts (being short, it’s hard to pull off) but I completely fell in love with this leopard maxi wrap and kept it simple teaming it with a basic knit.

I’m now inspired to mix and match other items in my existing wardrobe to change the look of the leopard skirt – which I will share with you all.

If you are yet to get out to McLaren Vale I definitely recommend it, I know I will be back!


As promised, I am excited to share with you all another collaboration I did to celebrate Fateful Fashion’s 5th Anniversary.

This time, I got a sneak peak of the Georgy collection and got the opportunity to ask them a few questions.


The husband/wife team have become an international sensation with some of their designs featured on the likes of Jlo.

If you haven’t already heard of the ‘brand to know’ check out my interview below and get to know a bit more about the duo who are taking on the world and proudly one of Adelaide’s own.

Jlo Ares 1


Who are the faces behind the brand? – Georgy Collection is a husband and wife team.

Georgina is the designer and Paul runs the business and sales/marketing side of things.

What is story behind the name?

The name is just the nickname of Georgina – “Georgy” and given it’s a collective of her designs we called it Georgy Collection.

What is something we can expect from Georgy’s new collection?

Our new collection is called ‘True Romance’ – And romantic is how women will feel, as this range will feature florals, frills
and lace.

Gold Hera Jumpsuit

Gold Hera


What is one goal in the next 5 years you wish to achieve?

We would like to become a go to brand for anyone looking for event wear.

What is something you want readers to know about Georgy?

Georgina doesn’t have a team of designers, all her pieces are designed personally. She is also seamstress.

What has been the biggest highlight of Georgy to date?

It’s no secret that we were extremely excited about Jennifer Lopez wearing our Artemis dress at her ‘All I have’ concert in Vegas… But when she wore another one of our pieces (the White Ares dress) a week later and posted it on her own Instagram page, it was surreal. More recently, Australia’s leading stylist Lana Wilkinson wore a piece (the Chantelle dress) from our upcoming True Romance collection at our local Oaks Day racing event. The hype and buzz that Lana created was absolutely crazy!

Lana (Chantelle) 1

Lana (Chantelle) 2

Aside from the new collection, what is something we can expect to see from Georgy in the near future?

We will look to start bringing out other fashion accessories such as eyewear, bags
etc as we want Georgy to become a one stop fashion destination.

What is one lesson you wish to pass on to aspiring fashion creatives?

You will get advice from many different people. You can’t please them all. Just do you!

What has been the most challenging obstacle in starting Georgy?

As with most startups, the amount of work required for such a small team is very challenging. There are no days off, so I guess keeping up with the amount of work required is the most challenging task at this stage.

What is the most rewarding part of Georgy and your journey to date?

Seeing women all over the world dressed in Georgy

Blanca Blanco Hera 1

Photo credit: Georgy Collection

Thanks again Paul & Georgina for this opportunity, look forward to seeing more of your success to come!



How do you start your morning?

Do you check your phone first thing? Turn on the kettle to make a coffee? Run to the bathroom?

Me? I check my Blood Sugar Levels (BSL).

10 years ago today, I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes which is an auto immune disease, that unfortunately is irreversible.

Over the last ten years, on average (minimum) I would have done 21,900 injections and roughly, 36,500 BSL checks.

To explain it to you in a day to day sense, and please keep in mind no two days are ever the same, for example I had 4 hypos over the weekend, one at the level 2.6 (below 1 I am in a coma!).

The average person’s BSL reading is between 4-8mmol, mine can range from 1.5 – 25mmol (and above) – sometimes it is purely unexplainable.

When I was diagnosed I was told of everything I cannot do now that I have Type 1 Diabetes, for me, that only made me want to defeat the odds, but it comes with it’s challenges.

Before diagnoses, I had zero clue about what it entailed and my strength surprises me at the worst of times.

It is something I live with every day, that for the majority of the time goes unnoticed and in my household is part of the routine.

Fortunately I have a pretty great support system, especially my parents who have not only built up my confidence and independence to live with Type 1 Diabetes but have always shared my frustrations and have always been there (with jellybeans in hand).

I’ve had comments that range from “you’re going to need your feet cut off, did you know that” – from a studying podiatrist to “can you eat that” (YES I CAN) and “you’ll be fine, let’s go!” whilst I am mid hypo.

It can be pretty lonely at times, as no one knows what you go through first hand, it’s easy to focus on the negatives however in the last 10 years I can say that I have defeated the odds and aim to continue to do so.

No persons’ life is easy, and I can speak on behalf of everyone I know with Type 1 Diabetes, that we don’t need sympathy, only understanding and awareness.

I know that if I never got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (which at times I wish I didn’t) I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have had or be the strong person I am today.

As each year passes, I know I am becoming the woman I am meant to be – someone I am very proud of.

Again, thank you to everyone in my life for your patience, understanding, support and love – I am extremely grateful.