Melbourne Town

Last weekend I did a quick one night visit to Melbourne for one of my best friends’ surprise party and it’s safe to say, we had a lot of fun!

While we I was there I took a few outfit snaps on our walk around Melbourne, it’s so easy to be inspired there yet it was hard not having any photobombs.


melbourne-town-2 melbourne-town-1

Topshop Jeans
Cotton On Crop Top
Sportsgirl Cardigan
and Tony Bianco Timabalands.

Olive Silk Midi

I could not wait to wear this dress that I purchased at our new H&M store for a bargain of 10 bucks! Yes, 10 dollars! I was going to wait to wear it for my family trip to Cancun this November but, every time I would see it hanging in my closet I would feel the smooth silk and just want to take it off the rack immediately. Finally, I did. For those of you that do not live in Fresno or have never been it gets super hot and I mean super hot here. We have had consecutive weeks of triple digit weather and at that point you just want to wear a tank top, shorts and opened shoes. But, this thin silky chiffon dress was right on point for our heat heavy Saturday and I couldn’t have been more pleased.


I love the color olive green when it comes to pieces of clothing. This color is one of my go to colors for summer and fall because in the summer it meshes well with your nice tanned skin and in the fall it meshes well with the leaves that are falling from the trees. I love it. So, finding it in this silk chiffon as a midi dress was fashion perfection for me.


I paired it with my vintage Coach Classic flap bag, my t-strap Old Navy sandals and my favorite pair of gold bracelets from Mexico. This is probably one of my favorite outfits of the summer not only because of the dress but, because I felt equally as comfortable as I did beautiful. And, when it comes to fashion comfort and confidence are key.



Outfit Details 

Dress: H&M Olive Silk Midi
Shoes: Old Navy T-strapped Sandals
Bag: Vintage Coach Messenger

I Mean Business

I had to choose an outfit that would show case my new Wayne Cooper bag, and I thought what better goes with black then black?


i mean business 1


i mean business 3

i mean business 4

Shirt: Hunt No More
Tuxedo Vest: Sportsgirl
Boots: Tony Bianco
Bag: Wayne Cooper sitting pretty with my Vogue from Japan!


Wintry Wardrobe

I have been dormant on posting an outfit shot for a while, Winter ties you up inside but today I got my hair and I thought why not!

It’s more of a casual winter approach, but I’m wearing some of my favorite wardrobe and winter staples, these white jeans that are always in the wash after one wear because I am very clumsy but they were a must have for me.

Teamed with a simple baggy jumper, which I love I have so many because they are so comfy and my splurge buy Tony Bianco Boots.

As much as I love winter, after getting my hair done the last thing I needed was the rain.

Show us your winter wardrobe by hashtagging #FFWW


Wintry-Wardrobe-3 Wintry-Wardrobe-2


4th of July


Red, White and Blue is the color palette for todays Outfit of The Day. Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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Sirens of the Sea


We got the email for Paolo Sebastians Spring/Summer 14/15 Legend of the Sea Sirens inspired collection and we are so excited to share it with you!

A series of muted tones drawn from the coast, shades include sea foam,violet and shell. kl10441157_671917692880153_4335611867837357164_nCloudy opal stones, iridescent beads, and shell-like embellishments evoke an otherworldly feel, whilst this season’s custom print – inspired by vibrant coral reefs -embodies the flirtatious nature of the siren.

The collection features intensely embroidered ball gowns, sheer fishtail silhouettes in soft tulle and a cut out swimsuit.

The intricately hand-beaded finale gown exemplifies the craftsmanship that the label prides itself upon. 10485415_671917812880141_2447168535606278162_o“This season we have gone for a sleeker look,” says designer Paul Vasileff.

“We have remained true to our classic Paolo Sebastian shape, whilst playing with sheerness and texture to create something new.”

“In the past I’ve looked to conventional fairy tales for inspiration, but this season I was drawn to the concept of the siren and her blend of beauty and darkness”, says Vasileff.

Enjoy! We know you will X 10468489_671917972880125_7488057414092240441_o